Russell Wilson: ‘We have to stay focused on the details’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Im still hoping and praying for you to do better in denver! You need to train your vision of the field and get better protection! I hope things get better


    Support our team!

    Just My Opinion

    Any other hawks fans loving this season?


    @Just My Opinion You’re gonna love sitting on the sidelines during the playoffs with us 💚💙🧡

rogan B

The reporter at the end asking why you’re not seeing wide open recievers in the middle of the field. Lol

    rogan B

    @Will I Am cry about it

    Francisco Joaquina

    I’m too short!

    Tan Pham

    Russell wilson had never like throwing in the middle of the field.


    I think it is his hight


    Could still maybe work on it but might be too late at this point in his career. Drew Bree’s was only an inch taller but always worked on that aspect of his game with throwing over or past the line of scrimmage


Good to see the smile return, but he knows a lot of work a head. Mind the offense is never going to catch that defense up. Keep the faith Russ.

    Roger Chavez

    Why wouldn’t he be smiling? He goes home to a celebrity singer wife and he secured the bag with a $245M contract extension, of which $168M is guaranteed. Russell has no reason to not smile. Broncos’ fans on the other hand, that’s another story.

    Stevie Sevieria

    @Roger Chavez 👍👍👍


    @Stevie Sevieria I know right

Tim B

I will NEVER understand why we didn’t address the OL in off-season. I think GP is a decent GM and it baffles me why he ignored a glaring weakness In the foundation of the team.


    @Marcus Thomas that’s not true,good GMs should be able to find gems all throughout the draft


    Tell Russ not to take up our entire cap and we can afford better o line

    Romon Rivera

    @Withmywoes can’t people break their contract if the gm tells em?


    I always cringe at Garett saying “You’re not going to get hit here”


    Is it a coincidence that every offensive line looks like utter trash with Russ but when Russ leaves the hawks the hawks o line looks quite good?

Dustin Snider

This guy does make me want to believe in him and this team. Can’t argue with that. And “winning heals all wounds” 100% true people tend to stop crying when the team is winning. I hope to! 😄🤙

Dream Reef Beltran

I still believe you Mr Wilson make those haters eat their words. You look great in that first half now that’s you. You need a better offensive line and just runners need to help you more. Peace peace

    Stevie Sevieria

    He also needs some pass receivers

    Gold Tau

    @Stevie Sevieria and some prayers


    @Gold Tau 😂 he already has too many of those

    Romon Rivera

    @thepowerofmythtrue lol

    Romon Rivera

    @Stevie Sevieria Jeudy needs to practice catching the ball, Sutton can stay the same maybe just a bit better of route running


Key word “I think” he always says it

Kay C

Don’t pay ANY attention to the press and podcasters; they should be looking at what Dak Prescott, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Aaron Rodgers etc. for what they HAVEN”T done and you have. They talk about them like they are so great and they aren’t. They have accomplished nothing close to what you have. God Bless You! Go Broncos Go RUSS!

Jim Hogue

He’s getting ready to roll up in a ball so the defenses can sack him.
That’s Russell Wilson getting ready to roll.
Thank God the Avalanche are back


This man better get it together on Sunday. My first Broncos game against the Jets and wanna see some offense 😅 but that Jets defense looks TOUGH. I think are defense is up to the task, for their offense but we’ll have to find out Sunday! Let’s work Russ and go Broncos!


    @Romon Rivera I’m a Seahawk fan and I’m glad we got rid of Russ because his days are done. And he try to play us as if he wasn’t done Denver’s going to give us two top picks and he paid it he got paid $249 million to play like s*** go Jets

    Sam Khatha

    Wilson need to sit if broncos have a chance to win.


    @Loeffler same😂✌🏽

Ryan Morgan

Let’s hope the Broncos can turn this season around

Peewee Dowee

Go Russell Wilson My Favorite QB Go Broncos!

Cbanecks Ban

With Russell it’s always we and it’s never I. You never takes responsibility according to himself but he puts it on the whole team. He doesn’t acknowledge his own mistakes that’s a sign of pride pride before the fall


    @MISTER G no, i think your romantic interest in russ is clouding your judgement

    tyler muir

    Hes not reaching at all he hit the nail on the head. Wilson hasnt held himself accountable for years you think it just happens overnight?


    @tyler muir i mean in the last interview he said, its eas, HE simply needs to play better.

    LaTonya Washington

    He said, “I need to play better. The 2 interceptions I caused are unacceptable” after the prior loss. That sounded like accountability to me. But I agree he needs to more forceful with his accountability. Nothing else is acceptable ATP & I love Russell Wilson.

    Ximien Lundquist

    Even in this video he is refusing to take complete responsibility when the questions are obviously targeting him

Cbanecks Ban

Run the ball! Russell has never been a winner on a team that didn’t have a running game! Run the ball 20 to 25 times 30 times a game


This guy right here talks a good talk!

Maui Builder

UNLIMMMMITED!! 😂 Russell Wilson is definitely a cool cat. He’s literally a few points per game from being one of the most popular sports figures in Denver.

Reign Williams

This displayed level of comfort is the difference between playing for a new contract vs being under contract for the next 4-5 years. 🙄 I’d like to add: unwavering belief means nothing minus improvement in execution. btw Shouts out to the one reporter brave enough to ask the real questions ie can you not see all the open receivers you are blatantly not throwing too… That guy there is a real one!!! 💪💪


Good to see the media ask some real questions but they are not getting any answers😂

Johnny O

“All bark and no bite.” Russell Wilson

M Boyd

After watching several games where I was seeing roughing the passer called for certain players and not others. Coaches making obvious bad situational play calls. This entire Russell Wilson situation. The NFL seems to be more staged than wrestling..

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