Russell Wilson Throws a Hat Trick w/ 300 Yds & 3 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ka Kjj

Finally Russel Wilson highlights

    Sebastian B

    Ka Kjj it’s about time the NFL highlights someone besides Kermit Mahomes and his domestic abusing weapons. Russ is better.

Ka Kjj

Most disrespected Player

    Zuhayb Abshir2001

    Fr they don’t know how dangerous he can be on the field 🤫💪🏽💯

    Canick 684

    @Zuhayb Abshir2001 *dangeruss lol

    Christopher H. Meuse

    No one can spell his name properly for some reason

    Browns Fan

    @Christopher H. Meuse nobody can take a joke for no reason

    Miguel Jonz

    Naw…most disrespected, underrated (by the national Sports media) Good QB (Top 5) in the NFL!

Ty Nottyler

Yes,Russel Wilson highlights and prob 4

Ty Nottyler

Russel Wilson one of my fav players and favorite team,hope they can go to the super bowl soon

    Camden Disney

    and hopefully they don’t throw it at the one again. i hate this.

    Canick 684

    @Camden Disney Dont remind me lol

    #1 Juggy

    Not happening soon

    Rico Alexander

    @Camden Disney yawn, that’s original.

Joseph Wells

As a Niners fan I can’t wait to verse y’all gonna be fun.

    T3rminata T

    First time in a while I actually feel the same way.


    Joseph Wells same bro I can’t wait, I’m a seahawks fan, gonna be a great 2 games if both our teams stay healthy. Can’t wait, good luck when the time comes

    supreme_ mazyed

    Jimmy is not better then russell he’ll never be

    Bri Mac

    The rivalry will reignite.

    Lito Chavez

    Joseph Wells I couldn’t agree more. Such fond memories of Sherman tipping that ball sending us to the super bowl.

Zuhayb Abshir2001

Dangeruss 🤟🏽💯💯 underrated qb in today’s game!!!!!!!

Shortest SB Champion QB

Clutch AF!! #GoHawks


69ers fans actually believe Lil Jimmy will compete in the division with the Seahawks and Rams.

    Giraffe Juice

    69ers fan is a bad nick name given the fact they are virgins

roy ashman

Russ looking better this week …..quick release


Nothing to see here, just a Teir 1 QB doing his job


    His accuracy and Arm Strength is next level

Steven Claggett

Russ was great as usual and the TE’s and WR’s had good games. I didn’t think we would pull this off, team win.

    Brian Koski

    Hawks are underrated. Again.
    It would’ve been interesting to see what would have happened if Ben didn’t get injured.

    Rico Alexander

    @Brian Koski he was playing worse than the backup. I think he’s done.

    Brian Koski

    @Rico Alexander yeah, Ben is hurt again, the team is zero and 2 losses…
    Fans in Pittsburgh are tripping.
    Ben is on his last leg… ???

    Brian Kane

    ????? The steelers suck by far the worst steelers team since big ben been playing the roster is arguably the worst in the League after the dolphins or raiders

X1area51 II

That steelers turp should get penalty. Glad R Wilson is ok.

Cory Campbell

The Best Quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks who got the win against the Pittsburgh Steelers I believe in him for my hopes and dreams because I want the Seahawks in the Super Bowl

Devi Lisa

Just think, folks had the nerves to say Russell Wilson has lost a step.


Can’t wait for Days of our Steelers

Brian Koski

RW just got his 200th td pass today!

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    Finished at 201, became the 5th fastest QB to reach 200 TDs, doing it in 114 games… 2 games faster than TB12, as well.

Monitors of Decorum & Decency

Russell Wilson became the fifth fastest QB to reach the 200 passing td mark, and he did 2 games faster than Tom Brady (RW, 114 games; TB, 116 games)

Clinton Alford

Wilson is 2-0 against Pittsburgh and scored 8 touchdowns with 0 interceptions.


He just wanted to get Pete Carroll something nice for his birthday

Long duk dong

That’s future hall of famer to you Russell Wilson haters!

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