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Colin Barlow

Wilson = Top 5 QB

    Justin B

    Brees would be number one if not hurt but Mahomes and Wilson are number 1 and 2 right now

    Marcelo C

    Justin B at best he would be 3


    Hes been top 5 for a while now. I’d say hes second to only that alien in Kansas City this year


    Top 2


    Justin B where do you put Brady?


I like how Russ stayed poised throughout the 4th. #SeasonedVeteran

    Hamze Ahmed

    HE has always been an elite 4th quarterback since 2012 he leads the NFL in game-winning drives

    Sylvester Young

    @Hamze Ahmed With the mixtures of QB who led teams back in the 4th quarter; John Elway, Roger Staubach, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Joe Montana

    Brandon Dorcas

    More like he stayed poised in the first three quarters

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

goff = a better kirk cousins


    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career facts

Aaron Rodgers

When did they get Luke Wilson back?

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    early during this last week.

    Mykal P

    seahawks traded nick vannett to the steelers and picked up luke willson in free agency. vannett was in his last year of his rookie contract and wasnt a major contributor to the seahawk offense. willson is a better run blocker and has good chemistry with russell wilson

    Payton Thornberry

    @Mykal P I’m going to miss vannett though dude has talent.

    Dave Johnny

    it’s Luke Willson

Monitors of Decorum & Decency

All right folks! Take a deep breath, and repeat after me: *M V P*

Go ‘Hawks!


    For sure MVP!

    William Randolph

    *M V P*


Paul Allen: Control-Alt-Defeat

    Christopher H. Meuse

    You just made my night twice

    Curly Hair Messiah

    That is a Russell Wilson joke.. and when I say Russell Wilson I meant underrated joke…😂😂RIP PGA I know he’s in heaven laughing at this joke


Nothing to see here folks. Just a Teir 1 QB doing his job.

    Will H

    Bro don’t take russ for granted, he’s a generational player


    @Will H lol I’m not. He’s my second favorite QB

    E.J. Rabbit

    Your profile pic makes this comment way better

Aaron Brooks

Dude, Russel Wilson is freaking awesome dude, like dude, like extraordindarily good

    Cody Darnick


    Brendan Arntson

    Maybe Malcom Butler needs to remind Russel he isn’t so great.


    @Brendan Arntson That wasn’t his fault though. Wilson’s receiver wasn’t aggressive enough towards the ball and he allowed Butler to make a play. Wilson threw a very catchable pass.



    Brian Grim


John Calhoun

Seahawks are slowly getting better each week . They went from barely beating bengals to barely beating nfc champs. Week 1 Seahawks would’ve been blown out


    Yeah, it’s a huge difference from week one! The rookies are starting to settle in to the offense and defense, players coming back from injuries, and bringing back my boy Luke who is a pretty good run blocker. I haven’t been this hyped for the Seahawks since 2014!!!

    I am a robot

    To be fair the rams are not what they used to be. But yeah Seahawks are definitely improving fast.

Sports 311

He’s my pick for Most Valuable Player in the league this year

    autistic Hockeyguy

    Too bad it’ll most likely be Mahomes. But in all honesty the most valuable player this year has been DRuss

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @huge chiefs fan Russell Wilson was shut down by his own OC in the Cowboys game really pissed me off


is he finally going to get the love he deserves?

    Christopher H. Meuse

    Find out next week on Dragon Ball SEA!


    @Christopher H. Meuse nice

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Christopher H. Meuse HAWKS!

    Nico John Cervano

    When he gets in a commercial by State Farm. Yes.

Troll Patrol

Hall of fame QB right there dangeruss numbers don’t lie

    Brendan Arntson

    Besides the lack of MVPs

    KM 5173

    Brendan Arntson Neither does Brees, what’s your point?

    smap pap

    @Brendan Arntson cant blame the national media for only now noticing hes been MVP-level since he was a rookie

Ethan Andrew

Dk metcalf with Russell Wilson Is gonna be a problem

    danny fonseca

    Brendan Arntson ehh it had to do lot with the receiver I’m positive metkaft or Doug would have fought for it but Ricardo couldn’t

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @danny fonseca I don’t blame Ricardo man was getting hurt left AND RIGHT. I THINK HE RETIRED AFTER AN INJURY THE NEXT SEASON. Sorry about the caps accidently hity caps lock


    Brendan Arntson bruh, why you hating on Russ, and we don’t play the titans lol

    J nasty Yeet

    Dk needs to learn how to run a slant route first then catch the ball.


Wilson has such a beautiful deep throw it’s like a work of art and he protects himself. I would love for him to win mvp for once

    Dre Pryor

    g4tviscool best in the league

    Kameron Lord

    He should’ve won it in 2017

    J nasty Yeet

    He’ll win it when he deserves it

    Len Walker

    @Kameron Lord He would’ve won in 2017 if the Seahawks made the playoffs

Sean Mike

Bengals team meeting tonight:

“Watch this idiots! It’s called a GAME!”

    Christian Cano

    I’m a bengals fan and I think this is funny


    To be fair, the Bengals did play the Seahawks really tough in week 1.

    Curly Hair Messiah

    😂😂😂let the bengals live

Cam James

You know what’s sad about this…. they probably still won’t give him the love he deserves this man is the 🐐

Christopher H. Meuse

MVP….hes due….deservingly for 2 MVP trophies and 2 Lombardi’s..

    J nasty Yeet

    Christopher H. Meuse false

Man Child

I’ll have some of whatever Russell Wilson is having.

    Te Kemp

    Ciara I’ll second that

    Aaron Rodgers

    Man Child goat milk 🥛


one of the finest QB performances you will ever see. on level of 2011 aaron rodgers.

Cecil Roberts

To all the Wilson haters….bruh been playing like this for years. Hes now playing at a MVP level….again. Underrated. He’s always been over looked because he physically does not look like the prototypical NFL qb. That being said he is changing the parameters of what that position looks like. Pocket awareness, enough arm strength, TOTAL grasp of the offense, work ethic, etc. Yeah……RW can ball!

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