Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference vs Saints | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference vs Saints | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following Seattle's 33-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints in their third game of the 2019 regular season at CenturyLink Field.

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Ryan Cook Reply

Go hawks

Rico Alexander Reply

Way to fight Russ. We’ll get the next one.

    melt138 Reply

    Obviously . It’s the fucking cards . Shits sad

Karen Setzer Reply

Polish up and stay at it. Go Hawks

Nick III Reply

True Competitor. Keep ballin Russ. Go Hawks!!!

    Renee Cain Reply

    @Tyler Manning Stop people still don’t see Russell as an Elite SuperStar QB. Most folks was complaining about paying Russell especially A LOT of the Seattle fanbase. You need to go an peddle your BS someplace else because it’s not working with me. Have a good day.

    Renee Cain Reply

    @Tyler Manning And another thing Russell got the deal because it’s market value for QBs at this time. Next QB up deal will be more than his.

    Tyler Manning Reply

    Renee Cain Carson wentz didn’t get more him and his deal was after Russ dak won’t get more than him and he beat him in the playoffs last year yet again you ain’t makin sense and Golf had a deal after him too and it wasn’t more come on man get your facts straight 😂😂😂

    Tyler Manning Reply

    Renee Cain learn something then talk you wanna be Seahawks fan idk anyone who was complaining that Russ got paid I would actually like you to show me someone who complained about that idk if your really a Seahawks fan 😂😂

    Tyler Manning Reply

    Just a quick question did anyone complain that Russell Wilson got paid the money he got I just was told that a lot of us didn’t want him to get that money is that true???

A Fucking Bird Reply

You had an amazing game! The defense and penalties once again hurt us

    Nathan Wise Reply

    Defense played good. Special teams and fumbles. Once they were 3 scores down the whole game plan goes out the window.

The Twister Reply

Your so good you never give up. I’m so lucky your on are team. Go hawks!

Julius Young Reply

Love yall tho. Go hawks!

Optimus Prime Jr. Reply

He’s a true leader. He accounted for 4tds but, he said we instead of y’all made mistakes.

    Korie Creson Reply

    Yes Russ is a true leader

    John S Reply

    Well he did make some mistakes

    d Con Reply

    @John S not to cause them to lose the game. Carson’s fumble and the ount return killed us and it was hard to get those points back

    Korie Creson Reply

    @John S the least in the game. I’m sure you made mistakes yesterday too

oHypah Reply

Never gives up and never complains. I appreciate everything you on and off the field Russ. I feel that you are getting held back just a little bit with this philosophy of run heavy offense. Trust Russ more please! All we ask for as fans.

    oHypah Reply

    Andrew Brophy stfu. Just please stfu. For the 8 years Russ has been in the league he hasn’t complained once about the horrific starts of his offense. You don’t know anything. Just sit down

GrizzliesFan 37 Reply

Absolutely dominant from Wilson today,the others not so much

Korie Creson Reply

You did great today russ, to bad No one else showed up.

AMAlifer Reply

I’ll take the lost today and learn from it rather than lose later and has no time to think about it.

    Steve Polverini Reply

    Agree. Easy win if not for a few timely, very costly mistakes.

    SEA CAWK Reply

    A loss to a backup QB…First Saints win without Brees playing since 2005….Gross!

Mikeusan Reply

Russ needs to control the offense more. We need to replace Schotty. Horrible play calling.

    Kendon Chumbley Reply

    Formerly Known we have the receiving core and the QB in my opinion. They’re just stubborn as hell and so predictable on offense. It really pisses me off.

    Formerly Known Reply

    Me too man. They’ve been like this for years. Our defense is on the field for too long. Get tired. Our entire offense is stagnant until the moment we get down by 14. Then they become the 2013 Broncos on offense all of a sudden like “Where was this the whole game?!”

    Kendon Chumbley Reply

    Formerly Known I can literally tell what they are going to do before they do it. The Seahawks are a good team but they’re not hard to game plan for. If I can see what they are doing I know other teams can

    Formerly Known Reply

    Exactly. But they’ve always been up front with what they want to do. The only problem is if the other team is capable of stopping it. And I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it’s so frustrating seeing it before it happens. It’s like playing Madden knowing a play wont work but you cant audible or adjust it.

    Seahawksforlife WhydoIhavetoputalastnameonthis Reply

    I agree it’s getting ridiculous. I was at the game and literally said when we were down 27-7 in the 4th we would manage to lose by a possession. Just way too conservative on offense

N G Reply

This Dude is so Humble and Focus!
Good to have him as our Quarterback”
A true Leader! GoHawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andrew Brophy Reply

    Taking almost all the cap space highest paid QB in the league? Yeah that’s humble alright.

    5150 Truth Reply

    @Andrew Brophy you would too don’t cry

david eisenbud Reply

Look out Arizona….Seahawks are up next….and they’re pissed…

    oHypah Reply

    david eisenbud Arizona lost as well.. and they haven’t won a game yet.. so imagine how they’re feeling coming into this week

    SEA CAWK Reply

    Lol Arizona will find a way to beat the hawks…or i mean hawks will find a way to beat themselves…

Dylan Kular Reply

Russ had a great game 32/50 400+ yards n 4 TDS. He in the MVP convo rn he’s a top 3 qb rn n overall. We beat ourselves gotta be better next week it’s a must win next week as well

Jordan E Reply


    Kendon Chumbley Reply

    Jordan E exactly. Should be a pass first offense

    Formerly Known Reply

    I wouldn’t day that but they SHOULD open up the gates every now and then. Literally every game is them trying to get the run going and it just doesn’t work…. our line isnt cutting it. So they run twice and predictably pass on 3rd down. Instead we should try mixing that up. At least til they get a good rhythm with what they want to do.

    S. Diaz Reply

    I love how people forget what Chris Carson did last year. Ok

    Jacob Santeria Reply

    Carson will have an amazing day next week. That’s not like him. Just watch!

Shane Hafner Reply

You have to love the fact that Russ always says “We” did this and that, rather than blaming the defense or special teams for the mistakes. 👊

TheGumbo504 Reply


Randall House Reply

Ima Saints fan and I have the upmost RESPECT for Wilson. He is a great QB and a leader. Definitely a Hall of Famer in the future

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