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Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference vs 49ers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following the Seahawks 21-26 loss against the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field during week 17 of the regular season.

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Jacob Davis

Man you can tell Russell is kinda hurt by this loss by the way he Sighed when he went to the Stand. This loss hurts but we did well. #gohawks


    Aaron Rodgers should take humility lessons from Wilson and how to act with some class. Rodgers desperately needs it, because every time GB loses, All Rodgers is, is this little pouty, oh whoa is me, my dog died,, sore loser attitude.

    Elana Mccullum



    Hurt us 12’s too!

    Mar Par

    the refs didnt help you guys as much as they did in the past

    you will

    Class act Russ. Great QB, great athlete and a great human being..
    Proud to be a Seahawks fan.
    Still hurt from yesterday’s loss but now switch gears for the Philly game.
    Other than GB we have played all teams in the NFC playoffs during the season so we should have a good chance of winning the NFC championship.
    Go Hawks!!

Caleb Brown

Next week were going to win like if you’re ready for playoffs 🏈

    S-L Million

    You guys ain’t getting no calls like that in San Fran and with two weeks to chill if y’all really want a rematch watch a BLOW OUT.

    Roemello Bell

    @Ryan Staiger and if you do we will beat y’all again facts

    Roemello Bell

    @Yochan Hwang and we will have more players that was hurt and y’all will lose

    Yochan Hwang

    @Roemello Bell can’t wait until the revenge match. Its the match that matters. You can bet the hawks wont wait until second half this time.

Hawks For life

Yo Turbin didn’t even play hmmmm

    Jesus Cuevas

    Hawks For life I think he means Travis

    Jesus Cuevas

    But idk


    Yeah Russ said Turbin did unbelievable in the game, he didn’t play one snap. Found that kinda odd.

    Jojo Gonzalez

    Bro he did play he was on special teams tho

    Robert Barlow

    shane nelson Turbin left after 2014, Lynch left after 2015. A year can make a difference. He will get carries this week


As a niner fan, this man is legit. Stand up guy and the human cheat code. Not sure I can handle too much more stress from games like these

    Albie Oval

    @oreosinmymilk 3 possession buddy. Give Brady or Rodgers one and they’ll do it 95% of the time. Also, I’m not a Seattle fan I don’t watch all his games. This is something I have observed from the games I watched. Add to that he had a top defense for half his career. Only Brady and Bradshaw can say they’ve had something similar.


    @Albie Oval Then I’d advise you observe a little better bud, it’s pretty obvious you haven’t watched much football 😂


    @100,000 subs without A video blaming the refs is a pathetic excuse for a loss. Every game every weekend has bad calls. Don’t put the game in the refs hands. You’re not whining about 15yd personal foul on the 49ers last possession that was a complete joke. The place was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think and didn’t hear the whistle.


    @The duh ScRIP Shunn Seattle has been inching out wins vs bad teams all season. Late game heroics needed against the Bengals, THE BENGALS, the worst team in the nfl! Not including losses to the browns and cardinals, both sub .500 teams


    @100,000 subs without A video the Seahawks were completely irrelevant prior to 2011, now you’re suddenly the next Patriots dynasty? Stop it! 44 seasons you’re record barely over .500, made the playoffs 17 times, 6 of which you lost in the first round and only 1 superbowl win. After the Russell Wilson era you’ll be back into obscurity.

Savage Danish

My anxiety at the end as a hawks fan

Max Sena

GG from a niners fan both teams fought hard hopefully we will get a rematch in the divisional

    Vicmanupinhere -

    Max Sena a rematch is not what we need we need the eagles to win

    Pinhead Larry

    Vicmanupinhere – yeah good luck with that

Rob Rusia

Much respect from a life long 49ers fan.. I can see us getting together again.. thanks to the Seattle fans who made my experience cool as a guest in your stadium I appreciate the hospitality

    Korie Creson

    @luis _ trump 2020

    Jay Milutin

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency classy. Ok. Like throwing popcorn on an injured player being carted out? Like that classy? Your fan base should be the first you’re scolding. Handle up on yourself first.


    @luis _ Really little guy? You’re going to still whine about refs when they helped you in winning that game at the end? Don’t comment about things you’re clueless about buddy 😂

    john alex

    if we can play like we did the 2nd half against the eagles im sure we’d take that W but if seattle plays like they did the 1st half its game over my opion #Go Hawks

    luis _

    Korie Creson f you and your nick gur QB

S-L Million

He sounds just like his coach.

    Matthew Lynch

    I think they blo each other too 😂😂😂

    S-L Million

    rudy zeron I’m sure for him it’s a positive. To me I just don’t know how he really feels if he’s copying his coach what’s his real opinion.
    The one thing about Russ and it’s probably why the defense (legion of boom) didnt respect him is he just comes off like a company man teachers pet etc.

    Robert Fredrickson

    Matthew Lynch he’s got Ciara for that. Who you got?

    S-L Million

    Robert Fredrickson anybody can get Ciara to do that tho. Even females. Ask missy


    S-L Million spot on criticism.

You Been Here Before

Let’s get these wins. GO HAWKS

    Math /Think

    change the name to the sea pigeons

Mike H.

Hes a gift and Seattle is fortunate to have him. Winners attitude-w class.

Big Dawg

The penalty was the difference in this game. From the 1yard to the 6 yard line killed the Hawks chance.

Platinum Group LLC

I like our odds with the Eagles, we need to get our rbs and Diggs back. Vikings may have been to tough of a battle

mirza beg

Wilson future HOF


49er fan ,put the rivalry aside, Wilson is one of my favorite QB. Good job Seahawks y’all always tough to beat. Finally 49ers got a Win after almost 10 year. We run the NFC West. Man that feels good to say.

    chase williams

    Run? Lol okay. We will see who runs the NFC west after the second round.


    @chase williams 49ers the new NFC Champs sorry Seahawks can try again next year! Plus if we meet again we will be rested, HFA, and injured defense will be back…

    Fred Jr

    @chase williams not y’all. 49ers going to RUN the West for the next 10 years. Get over it.

    Pinhead Larry

    Fred Jr if you’re lucky you’ll get 2 years including this one

    Fred Jr

    @Pinhead Larry your name suits you well. Pinhead. Your name should say Dumbshit. Shanahan and Lynch will have this team built for the decade or maybe even longer.

Anthony p

As a Niner fan I’m just here so i don’t get fined 😂😂 Niner gang but cant hate on Wilson he’s a great guy and player great game

Mike Walton

Great game! Looking forward to seeing 49ers vs Seahawks in 2 weeks 💪🏻

Evan Boone

Big respect to Russell 👏🏼👏🏼

Ta Yuang Lin

As a 49er fan, I’m more scared of the Seahawks than the ravens. Respect and hope we don’t meet again the in playoffs lol

    Roemello Bell

    No need to be they will not beat us anymore

    Only Positive Vibes that's the way to thrive

    Ta Yuang Lin GG, once we beat the eagles we meet again

Bong M

I’m niner all the way but Russell is a class act and an amazing QB! Much respect


Like Russell says “New season now” GO HAWKS!

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