Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Steelers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Steelers | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson following Seattle's 28-26 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their second game of the 2019 regular season at Heinz Field.

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Big Tings Reply

I hope bud Dupree likes his fine money, don’t worry it ain’t nothin for russ

    Ahoora Assaf Reply

    Big Tings that really pissed me off

    melt138 Reply

    I’m kinda salty none of the linemen defended my guy Russell . I would laid somebody out if I saw you do that to my QB

    Mr Messy Reply

    I personally think he did a damn good job releasing the ball way quicker instead of holding on to it

Kameron Bui Reply

like if the Seahawks are going to beat the saints next week!!

    Tyjon Da GREAT Reply

    From a Hawks fan, I don’t see us beating them…We have to improve the run defense in preparation for Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees is notorious for carving up the secondary. Plus we gotta look out for their weapons on offense and The O line will have to do slightly better against Cam Jordan. I don’t see them blowing us out but we won’t beat them in my opinion. #GoHawks though

    Hank65 65 Reply

    Seahawks can beat ANY TEAM at home, especially the Saints! Remember Beast Quake? Maybe y’all are too young, it okay! GO HAWKS!

    Hank65 65 Reply

    @Tyjon Da GREAT if YOU are a Hawks fans you would know we can beat anyone at the Clink! Plus we got some serious momentum winning against the Stealers on the road! GO HAWKS!

    Korie Creson Reply

    Yes, no drew it should be a brees

    slick Rick Reply

    If the saints played like they did yesterday they want have a chance

MonsterMashup Reply

2-0, hell yeah! Let’s get it!

Timothy Gathings Reply

I guess we just got to outscore teams because the db’s and linebackers are giving up miles to lesser qb’s….Go O!!!!

Sholtzi Reply

Please god find new starters for Fluker and Ifedi…

those guys cost us more penalties and QB sacks then any linemen in the league, they cant run block without holding, and they cant pass block period.

    Capo King Reply

    Seahawks were on second game…calm the F down.

    Steven Claggett Reply

    IDK man, they get better with each game, I thought they did OK in the 2nd half, Steelers have a very good defense…some of the time. I think the O line well improve with each game under their belt.

    GamingMorron Reply

    billytheweasel he was injured, too. Ifedi will cost us a loss, and if that’s what it takes to get rid of him, it will be too late.

    Sholtzi Reply

    Capo King those guys have been doing the same stuff for years, doesnt matter if its the 2nd game of the season, 3-4 seasons into their career of being awful.

    Kameron Bui Reply


billytheweasel Reply

131 QB rating
3 TD’s
0 Int;s

    Samuel Muyres Reply

    That was last weeks games stats

    billytheweasel Reply

    @Samuel Muyres Thanks, edited it.

    Brian Koski Reply

    Right on, I love stats…
    Clowney swats another.
    Dissly gets 2 more.
    Lockett slips the ‘D’.
    Branden sacks Ben.
    DK’s 1st TD!
    Penny cuts and burns!
    McDougald gets a souvenir.
    Wilson has 200 td passes!
    Coach Pete has 68 years!
    Pittsburgh is quiet…
    NO Saints are pissed…. Lol.

    jmr ghr Reply

    5 TD get it right before u even post my team and our QB !

isamidnight Reply

Hope your knee’s okay, Russ. That divot you left in the turf was deep.

    fuzzydragon Reply

    The feild may never recover from that hit.

    Brian Koski Reply

    That turf field is fucked up! …
    Maybe Pete should throw a flag. Lol

    Ahoora Assaf Reply

    isamidnight me too man

    Yo Hon Reply

    As an old-timer 52 years old and two torn ACLs that hurt my knees and ankles to watch that slide. Russell Wilson is one tough quarterback wow.!

    Brian Koski Reply

    @Yo Hon yeah, I hope that the NFLPA union looks into the turf conditions. That ‘simple’ slide by Wilson could have easily ruined another dude’s season.
    If not their career…
    That Heinz Field turf is fucked up!

Samuel Muyres Reply

If mahomes ever slows down.. Russ gets MVP

    easyscore Reply

    Samuel Muyres both great but this is Mahomes time

    Brian Koski Reply

    @easyscore yup, at his fast pace of 400 yards and 4 td’s per game, Mahomes is The Man!

    Long duk dong Reply

    @easyscore Lol. The Chiefs will never win a Superbowl.

    Armoni Boss Reply

    @Long duk dong Well they have one. DON’T care how long ago it was, can’t take it from them. And yes The Chiefs are gonna win another Superbowl sooner than LATER.

    Long duk dong Reply

    @Armoni Boss Lol. No they won’t. Andy Reid will never win one.

NW Monk Reply

As always….where the fu@# is the O – Line blocking for Russell? Do they not understand that’s their JOB?

    Enagy Atesik Reply

    What you think, good game?? Lucky??

Christopher Nicastro Reply

Russ was getting the ball out quick today. Great win, go Hawks!

    Adam Stevens Reply

    He had too…O-line wasn’t much today. Glad the Hawks won but they need to shape up. Especially with fumbles

Faith in all things W Reply

Russ got on the expensive Dad suit, but good game!!!

KiNG ZN6 Reply

Hold on the the Ball Carson! Thats 3 lost Fumble in 2 Weeks!

    tonytonez Reply

    It sucked but better to make this mistake now with a win and early in the season so he knows he has to focus on holding the ball the rest of the season.

    Korie Creson Reply

    Yes, disturbing

    Joe Doerksen Reply

    I think that is what he will really practice this week. Holding on to the ball. I don’t expect to see him fumble again for awhile. Hopefully…

    Korie Creson Reply

    @Joe Doerksen 2 of the fumbles were not all his fault yesterday. He should be good. Tj watt hit that ball hard as Hell, and the one hand off was above his hands. Lockett has dropped more passes in two games then all last year, that’s kind of concerning.

    Joe Doerksen Reply

    @Korie Creson yes that is very true. I think he will be good to go as well. Yeah Lockett dropping balls is not normal.

Tim Butler Reply

MVP of the game right there. Russell Wilson sighting today in Pittsburgh!!

Andre Collins Reply

Seattle is going to beat the saints book that 💣🥂🍾💥

rcascell Reply

Russell is a coach’s dream! Dude is a class act and gives all the props to his other players!!

whoisvjm Reply

3:59 Everyone in the PNW held their breath after that slide. 🙈

VFiel Reply

Hawks are looking ready for this season… GO HAWKS!

Kermit The frog Reply

Russell Wilson is always smiling, pretty cheerful guy!

    Hank65 65 Reply

    It’s the Light of God/Christ coming through RW ALWAYS!

    Joe Doerksen Reply

    I love it.

Brandon Maruszczak Reply

Let’s go Seahawks and nice job Russell Wilson!!!

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