Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson Postgame Press Conference at Cardinals | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from following Seattle's 27-10 win over the Arizona Cardinals in their fourth game of the 2019 regular season at .

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Tim Bartsch

This is our Guy
One tough Badass Quarterback

    William David


Karen Setzer

Russell Wilson is an ACE! This is why fans love this game called football 🏈 Gut wrenching effort by players working toward a common goal…to WIN. Playing through the pain and all circumstances
Football is truly the greatest game ever

    Brian Koski

    Yeah, it was way-cool to see Chris Carson come back huge from last week’s crazy loss.
    Awesome win today!
    Game Ball to C.C. in my opinion.

    William David

    Nice work John Facenda. Might you be kind enough to kiss the blarney stone for all the weak and helpless, wandering in the darkness and seeking the wisdom you so abundantly strive for?

Giovanni Avella

Let’s go


I miss that Clorox bleach guy

    eve mclean

    Mike2JZ i miss him like I miss a hole in my head! 🙄😂

    erik h

    He’s still around


Positive and upbeat guy

Shane Hafner

Short week for us, let’s treat the Rams like the Bucs did today.

    Joe Schmo

    @Storm Knxcks
    No, 4 sacks a game.

    Storm Knxcks

    Joe Schmo plus the rams overall as a unit is probably shook heavily from such a loss to the buccs that defensive unit has a lot of work to and goff has ALOT to fix throwing 3 interceptions but they still did very well in a close game but a hard loss

    Joe Schmo

    @Storm Knxcks
    4-5 seconds? How old are you? If a QB has 4-5 seconds, he has all day. Normal pass play doesn’t take anything more than 2.5 seconds.
    I’ve been a Seahawks fan my whole life, but to say that Russell Wilson is more elusive than all the other QBS is ridiculous. Just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean that facts and statistics go out the window. You do a disservice to the game.

    Storm Knxcks

    Joe Schmo sorry correction: including this week hes been sacked 12 times which is 3 a game now that is higher but it is not as bad goff has been sacked 8 times which is a average of 2 per game Seattle’s defense had had 10 sacks and 1 pick six, and 3 force fumbles the rams have 8 sacks 4 fumbles not trying to prove anything im just comparing D lines

    Joe Schmo

    @Storm Knxcks
    You weren’t comparing D-lines before. Yes, our D-line has played better than the Rams. But that wasn’t the conversation. You’re no comparing. I’m not saying we can’t beat the Rams, I’m saying we need to play alot better. Our first 2 games were way to close. We should’ve won easily. We got beat by a no Brees Saints team. And our offense didn’t look good against a bad AZ defense. If Carson didn’t play well?? It’s crazy how the block well for the running game, but for the passing game, ehh?? Either way, GO HAWKS.

Clewerton Danyel

Russell Wilson!

Alexandra French

That’s my QB! What a class act, man. Love watching Russell.


Good job Russell! Keep on putting God first. You’re a great example to everyone. Both on and off the field

Brandon Maruszczak

Nice job Russell Wilson let’s go beat the rams!! Please beat the rams being your defense please let’s go Seahawks

Brandon Maruszczak

Russell Wilson you play better than last week I was at the last week game so I wish I was at this game then last week let’s go Russell Wilson you are still the best!!!

Liquid Swords

Russ looking like the best QB in the league so far. Mahomes and Brady had an off week.

    William David

    What league? The Justice League? The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? The early 20th century League of Nations? The League of Blind Clothing Shoppers? The Mr T “I Dare You To Say I Dress Like a Fool, Fool!” League?

Patrick Landfair

Russ what are you wearing?!

    T M

    A plaid linen sports jacket from 1986, a magicians vest, Hanes white tee, ICE-T chains

    Eric Ciriano

    Aint feeling the vest. But hes in that luxurious bracket now.


Russ is such a leader, such a positive guy, knows just when to criticize, and just when to pick up his teammates and help them build confidence…

slick Rick

I’m glad to have a quarterback like Russell Wilson he is so humble

slick Rick

Russell Wilson is going to pick the Rams defense apart

Nikko Jennings

Russ is so effective this year !! Wish he ran just a tab bit more but he’s on this year !

roy ashman

Russ in control today…not sure about that “waistcoat” over his jacket but …first big test Thurs/Fri ( late nite in UK again).. not a must win but can make things easier later on down the straight, plus we are overdue against the Rams… Go Hawks


Where he talks about Will Dissly at the top… I’ve learned so much from listening to this team about how they overcome adversity. I never thought watching football and following a team would be a life skills experience, but it totally is.

Benjamin Lee

Russ looks like he is getting ready for a rumble with the Greasers and then a sit down dinner with the Socs.

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