Russell Wilson Flies w/ 406 Yds, 2 Rushing TDs & 2 Passing TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Seahawks wasted a great day from Wilson. 🙁

    150 150

    About 150 of those yards were garbage time when they had no chance

    Devi Lisa

    @Drake Draven -it wasn’t the defense that lost this game, even though they had no pass rush.
    Seattle lost this game for these reasons:
    Poor coaching decisions using timeouts (including Wilson to end the first half), weird play calls on 2 drives when they went for it on 4th down, a dumb flag when the Saints missed a FG, a fumble that gave them a TD and a punt return for a score.
    Seattle gave a weak arm QB 21 free points in this game.


    150 150 LOL keep telling yourself that. Because the packers thought it was a blowout garbage time too until the Seahawks made a huge comeback during the NCF championship game.

    Brian Kane

    Nathan Sheets there was some bad playcalls like those 4th downs that went nowhere

    150 150

    Lockonese yea they not scoring 3 times in 4 minutes.

Oj571 Zzz

The vid should be called Russell Wilson vs the Saints cause he the only one who does anything

    KM 5173

    Ben Struck Neither

    The Nigel Douglas

    james ryu yeah because that’s how football works. 💀You can’t give the receivers for existing and running their routes. I think the receivers should get credit, but russel Wilson rlly sets them up almost every play

    Ben Struck

    I agree just making a point that it definitely isn’t all about Brees with this team. They dominated without him. .

    Tyler D

    @KM 5173 Dissly has been great the past two weeks as well

    Noah Sorensen

    Dont forget bobby, Lockett and dissly

Marcelo C

No qb does more with less

    Michael-Lee King

    Daniel Jones? Nathan Peterman? Ryan Fitzpatrick? What about them 😂😂

    danny fonseca

    Michael-Lee King are you serious

    BARITONE 1.0

    For a while Cam Newton


    @Michael-Lee King nah. I mean, Daniel Jones had receivers playing lights out and breaking tackles like running backs

    Oh yeah yeah

    Marcelo C josh rosen

Jordan Stevenson

Just wish he would’ve been able to TyLock on that easy TD. We’ll be back next week though

    Rowdy Jr.

    Bruh… The next home game is the Rams after the Cards. 😒 We’re going to feel a Saints vs Seahawks vibe in that game because the Rams always beat us at home smh.


    Rowdy Jr. lmao we’ll see. With this game, hopefully the Seahawks will humble themselves a bit and really work on that defense.


    Lockonese exactly what I’m saying bro. I really do hope this game humbles them. Can’t ever be thinking of an easy win in a league full of professionals


russell deserves a better offensive coordinator

    KM 5173

    Mattheyou All they did was inside runs and short passes to Lockett for most of the game. I really hope they get a new one. They’re too predictable.

    Johnny Tsunami

    KM 5173 till this day I don’t understand why we never run it to the outside smh like literally never.

    Justin Lopez

    I never understood why Pete thought Schotty was a good idea for this team. You have a top 5 QB with arguably the best deep ball in the league and you waste him away with pound the rock OC’s who don’t call up pass plays till the games on the line with 2 minutes left.

    Tyler D

    @Justin Lopez because Pete is a ground and pound guy who refuses to deviate except when the game is on the line. Doesn’t make sense to me either especially now that Russ is the highest paid in the league. They would have beat Dallas last year if it weren’t for the awful playcalling


I can feel for Seahawk fans in the sense that their QB seems to carry the team, but everyone else seems to not do anything.


    Everyone except bobby wagner. Dudes literally the russell wilson on defense lol. So many broken tackles today, and wagner was the only one actually tackling

    M Ghan Ismail

    Yeah but he didnt complain at all…he just do his thing….


Kinda wish Mikah went to Seattle to help Wilson out

    Drake Draven

    I posted a comment earlier about this. Yes, they needed an upgrade from DE, S, and CB. Imagine having Minkah and Ramsey on the Seattle Seahawks secondary. Oh man, that’s a top notch 1st defense definitely.

William Pond

Seahawks roster more than one man right?

    Drake Draven

    @The Nigel Douglas lack of talent WR position and RB. They’re not doing anything to help the offense like it used to when Sydney Rice, Baldwin and Tate was there.

    The Nigel Douglas

    Drake Draven woah woah. He’s got Tyler locket, a tight end who seems to have a couple big plays every game, and two big bodies in Moore and metcalf who keep on making ridiculous catches. And Carson is talented, he just needs to stop fumbling. I think they have the talent, but I feel you. The receivers hardly get open unless russel is scrambling

    Drake Draven

    @The Nigel Douglas I’m not hating on Tyler nor the young rookie WR like Moore and Metcalf, but RB needed a serious upgrade. #get Antonio Brown!!!!


    Drake Draven hell no


    Drake Draven the offense isn’t even the problem. Can’t say the same for the defense, especially pass defense.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Wilson is the only reason this isn’t a blow out, they ruined a near perfect game

    Tyler D

    Wilson is the only reason this team is still relevant and Carroll has a job.

don brassco

This Why The Man Was Paidddddd😤

    don brassco

    He Went For The Bag And Not A NY Team😈

    Devi Lisa

    @don brassco -it’s not his job to take less for others to get more.
    Would you go to your job and take less so another worker could get paid?

Yeng Vang

He did everything he could.

Alex Wagner

Russ was the only one trying today. Wasted effort from russ.

Steven Sandoval

Press like button for all my homies that picked up Russell Wilson on fantasy. Dudes been beasting.

    The Dez Dispenser

    Steven Sandoval Him and Mike Evans combined for 87. That was huge for me.

    Oscar Coss

    The Dez Dispenser big help especially after mike Evans being so low the past couple weeks

Sho Tohara

He did everything he could to try and come back and win it’s a shame his running back has fumbleitis and the defense is dogshit

    Brian Kimball

    Sho Tohara special ed teams didn’t help at all today either. Even the coach got a broken nose today. That was a sign of how this day was gonna go


    Sho Tohara Carson needs to learn how to hold onto the ball. This guy fumbled twice last week. If this continues Seahawks will be looking for a new running back.

Toni W

Big fantasy points with Russ, think he scored like 46 points 🔥🔥 🔥

blisterypoet Estrada

Russ we got to play like that every time


Chris “fumble machine Carson needs to just put some stickum on his hands, for gods sake.

Nate Chaoweeraprasit

The thing I’m most amazed by was that Wilson wasn’t sacked the whole game.

    Rico Alexander

    Yeah, but he seemed to escape guys that had a bead on him multiple times.

    Bj Walthall

    He was running for dear life. Saints front seven one of the best in the league

    Nate Chaoweeraprasit

    @Bj Walthall exactly

Watt Holmes

Russell is one of the all time great quarterbacks in this league dude is just too good he make everybody around him good and his pocket presence is maybe on Mick Vick level dude just too good

    Ramone DeCurta

    Michael Vick WISHES he had been Russell Wilson. If he had, he would be going into the Hall of Fame, without question! Wilson destroyed the Vickometer years ago…there’s not even a comparison, other than their athletic abilities.

    247 365

    @Ramone DeCurta come on man, If Vick didn’t go to jail who knows.

    Dirtybubble25 Dirtybubble25

    russels certaintly a better qb, but VIcks way more athletic

beau jacobs

I feel Wilson’s career is gonna be similar to Rodgers. Won a SB early and singe handily kept his team a playoff contender for the next 5 years with minimum weapons

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