Russell Wilson 2020 Week 3 Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Russell Wilson 2020 Week 3 Press Conference

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson speaks to the media during Week 3 of the Seahawks regular season.

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Ben-Alexandre Parent Reply

Russ is so cool u gotta admit

    Robert Smith Reply

    Hes got more chill than a cold blooded badass in a tarantino movie.

    Ben-Alexandre Parent Reply

    @Robert Smith fax

Kyle Brabant Reply

Russ for MVP

Rafael Ibarra Reply

Mvp for danger russ

Dylan Mpyisi Reply

Best QB in the game and an even better man. So glad he’s our quarterback

    GrizzliesFan 37 Reply


    real the goat 23 Reply

    No kap

    Thomas Marquez Reply


    Rafael Ibarra Reply


    Thomas Cris Reply

    Plus he’s got more weapons coming. If Dorsett can heal his foot and we will get Josh Gordon soon. Going to be air mail special!

I like to watch NFL Reply

We might also get damon harrison he is visiting

    Bloop Mcgroober Reply

    Marcus Carpenter he’s not a good pass rusher, it’s just not what he’s ever done, he weighs like 350 or so he’s a run stopper. Our D-line struggles less with run stopping but I agree any help we can get and as long as it comes with a cheap price👌🏽👍

    Marcus Carpenter Reply

    Bloop Mcgroober he’s a better pass rusher than any member of our d line.

    Bloop Mcgroober Reply

    Marcus Carpenter maybe at his best but now he’s really not, he’s old and beat up I doubt he can play nearly as much as the young guys and I’d rather have Poona and jarran in the middle on pass rush and let them develop instead of a old guy who isn’t going to stick around

    Marcus Carpenter Reply

    Bloop Mcgroober just watch I think he gets 6 sacks and good run defense. He only like 30

    Bloop Mcgroober Reply

    Marcus Carpenter I sure hope so just not sure how realistic it is because that’s over 50% of his career sacks and Id rather have a young guy do it but if we can get that out of him I’m alllll for it we need the help🤣

Andrew Gillan Reply

I feel like russ says excuse me when he facts alone

Nik Reeder Reply

MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP!!!!!!!!! SEA… HAWKS!!!!! SEA…… HAWKS!!!! SEA….. HAWKS!!!!!

Uh Okay Reply

mr. unlimited!

Elana Mccullum Reply

Hawks need to come out fast and get a good lead so It takes Elliot out of their gameplan …and cowboys will have to catch up..forcing Dak TO beat hawks with his arm..

    Schecter 7 Reply

    Hawks have historically struggled vs Dallas we will see

    Aneesh Anand Reply

    If the hawks take a big lead the cowboys are not coming back.

Andrew Nguyen Reply

That’s my Quarterback!

Brian Sword Reply


Brian Sword Reply


SMSuperstrat Reply

Did he get that hat from a Chuck Knox time capsule?

Brenda Reed Reply

Russ is a GREAT SPEAKER and I LOVE HIS HUMBLENESS!!!! Not to mention that he is the GREATEST QUARTERBACK in the GAME n MVP READY!!!

TDC Reply

russ is pulling off trifecta “you knows” all over the place.

    SightSeer Reply

    You’re right, it’s a bad habit and someone should bring it to his attention simply in terms of being well-spoken. That said, he makes f-you money and doesn’t have to be concerned about making a good impression at a job interview. 🙂

    Ya Homie Dough Reply

    @SightSeer ig that’s true

Bri G15 Reply

This man is a gem. Literally has the best answers to every question. Such a team guy. So unselfish. Its almost disgusting how awesome and caring he is to the entire team.

Bri G15 Reply

This man is a gem. Literally has the best answers to every question. Such a team guy. So unselfish. Its almost disgusting how awesome and caring he is to the entire team.

Flag Bearer Reply

My only Proplem is the Police killed the wrong person Again for a Drug Offense.

Yee ! Reply

Very fortunate to have Russ on the Seahawks. There won’t be another one like him. Gotta appreciate one of the greatest.

Pamela Bluitt Reply

My man Russ! Nobody is like Russ!!!! #1 QB in the NFL!!!!! Wonderful player and a awesome soul even more so!!!!! Love ya Russ and all you represent!!! My brother in Christ.🙏📖😷👮😤💗🏈 Keep God 1st Russ he got you!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!

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