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Lmao yall waited to release till the man Zeke was back huh. Smart

    Lorena Zamora

    supermCcnasty 6 year contract extension is dumb for him

    Robert Moreno

    @Baby D I was thinking the same thing baby d


    I wish the would have kept morris. Atleast he showed up. Remember. They won 5 without zeke

    Lorena Zamora

    Tom true

    Kevin P

    James Sweeney he’s referring to The Cowboys official youtube channel releasing this after they knew Zeke was going to be a Cowboy this year. How is he wrong?

JR 214

Why Zeke Lookin at Pollard Funny tho


    @Lmao’BrinaWtf his neutral expression is that of a crazed maniac.

    Ali Muhammad

    Cause zeek look funny dats all nothin more

    Joshua Holley

    Cause he said he ate hot dogs smoked sausage burgers instead of real BBQ

    Jimmy Cline

    The good thing is, when we’re wearing out defenses, and Zeke needs a breather, we’ll shove Pollard down their throats! And keep grinding the opposing teams down! This will be the year they win it all, I’ve been a fan for 40 years and I can feel it, I know we say that every year, but the time is here now!


    Cause pollards the new guy ..he hasn’t really earned his spot yet

Luis_Is _Goated

lmao where all the people that said wE sHoUlD tRaDe zEkE 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Anthony Arellano

    Dana Jett she didn’t have my dinner ready by the time I got home so I did for a bag of chips 🥴

    Rizzo Aristotle

    Dumb motherfuckas

    Sho Nuff

    @Rizzo Aristotle Get out of your feels f@g. It’s a business and Zeke’s a liability with his off the field problems and childish antics. Better clean up his act, all I gotta say.

    Dana Jett

    @Sho Nuff these are just comments seems like your the only moron getting angry and quit being jealous of that man because he’s rich now and I can tell your a bum with no job hating on others $ by the way how long will you be commenting that call phone will be turned off soon with no (JOB)😂🖕

Charlie Bustillos

Lol! Zeke looking at young Pollard like ” baby diapers” eat and learn! Zeke became the Master of Grunt! Go make more history Chosen One!

    Rakin Lollis

    Charlie Bustillos facts

Jesus is beast 77

Cowboys running backs eating bbq while im over here eating saltine crackers😂😂😂




    well we need our Cowboys to get their protein for Sunday’s game, Go Cowboys!

    Yvette Losoya


    Luis_Is _Goated

    Get ya bank up 😂

Erick Castillo

Real bbq come from sunny south Dallas, west Dallas or Oak Cliff. Real Dallas people know. Come on now cowboys.


    Real bbq is in Fort Worth tx

    Miss Tee

    real southern bbq goes down on my backyard patio😂😂

    fredfukkinbear kikkinnigass

    @James Buchanan Methodist Hospital 1962!

    J YL

    They probably just wanted to hit up the closest spot to the practice facility in Frisco. None of those dudes are from DFW (I don’t think) but someone needs to school ’em.

    Kendrick Barrett


Jason Barlow

Man I wish this was 45min long


I’m so old that I remember when Running Backs Coach Gary Brown played in the NFL. He had a 1,000 yard season with two different teams (Oilers and the Giants). He mainly ran suprise draw plays in Houston as he was the lone running back in the crazy Run and Shoot offense they played during the Warren Moon years. They would go 4 and 5 wide back then. No tightends or fullbacks.

    Robert Fray

    He was on the 93 oilers that went 13-3…I thought a all Texas Super Bowl was in the mix that year…but Houston lost to the chiefs and Joe Montana…at the Astrodome..if I remember ..right.


    Gary Brown is on Madden 96.

    Isaiah Marquez

    Before Gary Brown it was Allen Pinkett, Alonzo Highsmith, Mike Rozier, and Lorenzo White. They were all apart of the Run and Shoot.

The Squad Reactions and Challenges

My boy Zeke didn’t even eat lol saving it for Sunday #cowboysnation

    Nahshon Wyatt

    Yeah zeke about to eat

Reggie Noble

Zeke in the back of his head knows he’s going to Cabo after he about to eat this bbq

    Lj Taylor



Zeke thinking about his hold out. This was filmed before the hold out. Zeke probably looking sad cuz he knew he was bout to dip on them. Im not hating. I love zeke. Just speaking the facts


I have to hit up that torii hunter spot. I know he opened one up in the area but haven’t gone yet

Nolan Anthony

Texas BBQ in a class of its own, with all due respect. 🤘🏼

    Glen Day

    Yeah, yeah, we know….Texas has the best of everything!!


When Gary Brown starts talking about maximizing your short time in the NFL you could see the look on Zeke’s face like “yup i’m about to hold out and get paid fool”.

Manuel Saavedra

I’m glad Zeke back it wouldn’t be cowboys without him he is our Michael jordan.DC4Life baby!!!

YaBoi Rob

But what was that look that Zeke gave 🤔? 0:41


Meanwhile in Oakland Ca, Breaking news: AB has been released from the Raiders. SMH

Ken Smith

Zeke like I’m eating with the HELP!

Norfolk Huntersville

Im a skins fan im just here for the BBQ

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