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Wilson Simons

Gonna have to be now. We’re with you Mason, lead this team to the promise land!!!!!!!

    Manny Amato

    Wilson Simons We gonna have to fix our defense though.


    @Manny Amato yeah tbh I think they should trade a 3rd and 5th to Miami for Minkah Fitzpatrick that would atleast be a start.


Everybody expects us to be even worse now but I think mason can do what Ben did when he entered the league it won’t be the same as the wins and losses but I believe he can sneak us to the playoffs mason can really ball and I think him juju and Washington are going to connect well

ben dover

New era begins. I really like this kid. We stole him in the third round

    Julius Castillo

    I hear ya. I’m excited to see him play. We may or may not get into the playoffs but it will be fun watching Mason play.


    Steelers Clone Neil O’Donnell they go with the Cobra recipe and use DNA from all of the Greatest Quarter Backs but NOT Tom Brady.

Kyle Smith

Going to have to be, bud. You’re the man as of now.

you're right

Mason is gonna be great. No pressure big guy. The pressure should be on the coaches. It would be crazy if you lead us to the playoffs, but use this season to develop.

Mike Scott

This is the start of a new era #RudolphtoWashington !!! #MA$E

you're right

Would be awesome if Mason lead us to the AFC Championship and beat the Patriots and AB. I would cry tears of joy.

    Andrew Grove

    Me too


    @MrOrlandodh12 I think being a team of equals versus a team of kids following a few senior players will benefit them as a group. I’m not expecting miracles but I think giving them time to develop and get real reps together is only going to be a good thing.


    And don’t forget you also hit on a 10 million dollar scratch ticket and Jessica Alba wants to have sex with you.

    Kanye Yeast Infection

    john edborg he was talking theoretically we all know it probably won’t happen but a little optimism never hurt anyone


    @john edborg its not likely but look at this time last year did anyone think Mahomes would even play close to what he ended up doing…………if anyone says yes then you are probably a liar. however it is possible that Rudolph does something special though we all know it won’t be anything like Mahomes ended up doing.

you're right

Grateful to Big Ben for a great 15 years. He had a great career. 2 Super Bowls. Multiple passing records. HOF career. He should retire and spend time with his family with a clear mind.


Idc what any fan says. HES READY

    Logan Vandiver

    Give him a week. No first time starter been good at their first start. He is ready, give him a week

the big mick

I liked this kid coming out of the draft. Still needs to develop but he’s got the raw talent. Plus, the way he carries himself and looks just screams Pittsburgh Steeler.


A Giants Fan

    Movimiento de F.E.

    the big mick almost exactly what I wrote. He looks like a Steeler!

    Kanye Yeast Infection

    Tell Saquon Barkley not to break his back carrying your team.

    I jus kiddin, no hate towards ya

Travis Gunn

Lots of support from Steeler Nation in this guy and for good reason. Mentally tough, smart, talented, natural leader, confident but not cocky. There’s a reason he had 1st Round grades for so many people. Should be interesting nonetheless.

Lil Chapo


    Atheos B. Sapien

    It’d probably be smart to let his finger heal before expecting him to catch the ball properly?

    Ed Po


    Jamal Thomas

    @Atheos B. Sapien 😂 yall hell


It’s the Mason Rudolph Show now! Use Benny Snell! The offense seems to work well with you! #2 is now #1 🙂



J Dillard

Do exactly what you did yesterday evrey game and we will win I was impressed with him

    Scorntalon Gaming

    Me too! I thought the offense for the 1st time all season looked alive


Nothing to lose. Everything to gain. It’s your time now, Mason.

No fear. Go Steelers.

    Logan Vandiver

    He is going to be trash and i have been a fan since #10. No first time starter been good at their first game. Give him two weeks. I hope i can eat my words


I hope this isn’t the end for Ben. But I’m behind Mason 100%. He has a lot of advantages as far as the lack of film for opponents to use against him going for him. I hope we capitalize on that and break .500 or even make a wildcard push. We definitely need to keep our eye on that Jalen Ramsey situation as well. That man needs to be a Steeler and we need to build a good D around Mason. Go back to the way we used to do things.

Christopher B.

And we are confident in you. Great arm great vision

Flat Earth Frank

Tell Tomlin to bench Moncrief. There are better options.

    Jamal Thomas

    Yea he is definitely hurting us. Let his hand recover fully before putting him back out there.

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