Roy Robertson-Harris on playing at home in front of Bears fans – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
T Case

I like how Roy gets chippy with the other team all the time lol

baz Lynch

I hope da bears can sign him to an extended contract. A beast and his arrow is pointing way up.


Let go of Gabriel and the can sign him



    Jimmy Marroquin

    Wait… after the 3 tds? And that great sideline catch or after he scores more tds? When?

Vercingetorix king of the Arverni

Stupid questions at the end.

And perfect answers. Any player answering those different needs to be cut immediately. You don’t play down to competition. Ever.

Ren Dog

Love this guy he’s all Chicago tough a true 🐻 Bear he plays hard every down! Let’s dominate the vikings on Sunday LETS GO BEARS THIS IS OUR HOUSE!!!!!💪✊

Emperor Penguin


Michael Coffey

Roy Robertson-Harris has been a gem since we got him, and I am glad he has Akeem in his locker room as another self made man who had to use work ethic and hustle to get to where he is…. going to be fun to see all the younger players learn from the veterans.

Lamuel J Sackson

Let’s go man!!!! 🐻⬇️ 3-1 here we come!!!!!!!!!!! 💪

Alex Stewart

Once his contract ends, He will be a Packer, and that sucks… The Packers poach the Bears defensive players or attempt to poach a player almost every year from us. They will probably offer him just the right amount that Pace won’t want to spend for a situational player.

Kadarius Lewis

Dude got a Manly voice like damn I wish I had that

T Money

Roy is jst another dog on this championship D

Marcus Gregory

Lets go bears

Marcus Gregory

We going to win

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