Roy Robertson-Harris MIc’d Up vs Broncos “They don’t want to see us” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sacred Onion


I Can't State an opinion on the Internet

We need another prime time game

    Yoshibro 456

    We’re playing a prime time game Monday night vs the redskins

    Joseph Rios

    Monday My guy

Tyler Allen




Rydawg 26

Roy is definitely my favorite player on this team, been watching him since college and happy to see him on my favorite team and he just bullies the O-Line

Solo Dolo

put your feet up on they coffee table and see what’s in the fridge 🤣

Jay Bird


Shorsey Letterkenny

From that camera angle makes Eddie’s kick even more impressive

Nicholas Lippolis

Jay Rodgers is doing a great job developing players like RRH, Nick Williams, Goldman and Bilal Nichols even if I’d like to see more from Bilal, he’s really talented.

Mason Green

Damn I love Joniak as a commentator, he has so much talent at hyping up games. Wish he would get hired to do more team’s games.


    Sorry man, he’s ours and ours ONLY!!!! 🐻👇👇👇

Crispy Chris

Flacco actually looked pretty good this game, too bad our defense was tearing the o-line up

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