Rotoworld’s 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Strategies | NFL | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rotoworld’s 2019 Fantasy Football Draft Strategies | NFL | NBC Sports

The Rotoworld crew shares their top draft strategies for 2019 with draft season quickly approaching. #NBCSports # #Rotoworld
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Rotoworld's Draft Strategies | | NBC Sports

A Alekhine

If you have the 12th spot and you decide to take Kelce…
The comparison shouldn’t be made that Ertz and Kittle can be had later because they won’t be there if you draft at the 12th slot and pass on TE. A better comparison to be made is what TEs will be available in the 3rd or 4th vs Kelce. BUT, the question still remains is what is the difference you will win by with Kelce vs. how much you will lose by at other positions i.e. RB/WR by going with Kelce at the 9th-14th spot.


Why would anyone take 3 wrs and only 1 rb in the first 4 rounds?


    Rich83 What if in the first four rounds the value is at the wr position? That’s when u wanna stack those receivers up in the earlier rounds


    @Jdtn1 depth at WR is huge. Rbs are thin even in the 1st in my keeper league. You need minimum 2 bell cows in my league and that’s tough.

    sal lopez

    PPR dummy


    @sal lopez ok, you try it for us and will see who the dummy is.

    sal lopez

    Don’t be hurt. You’re the one asking questions not me.

Noah Allen

Literallly the worst strategies ever you’re losing ur league if you draft by what they say

    Michael Reyes

    Noah Allen 😆 agree

    John Mcgee

    As an 11x league champion since 1998 for my league. I can assure you first dudes strategy never wins.

    Francesco Monaldi

    John Mcgee the kicker/defenses? I mean that’s pretty much what everyone does anyway and it’s the only good strategy they said

Alex Longo

You have to start a defense and a kicker, Every week. There are top defenses and kickers. The thought that you should ignore a Cell that you have to fill every single week when there are BEARS or J.Tucker types out there for a flyer RB is not sharp it’s trying to be cute and not a good strategy


What about IDP leagues ? 🏈🤨


Backfields are all a mess

Built For This

It should be titled: How to lose your Fantasy football league!

carlos de la o

I have won several championships without an elite t.e. I prefer stud r.b and stud w.r. with a veteran q.b. if you reach for t.e you risk getting stuck with 2nd tier players and struggling to make the playoffs.

Raul Andujar

My leagues typically have a flex that could be either a RB or WR so my strategy is first 7 rounds I typically take a combination of RBs and WRs to end up with 4 RBs and 3 WRs. In case one of each gets injured, I still have enough for the 5 positions (2 RBs, 2 WRs, and a flex). Rounds 8 and 9 is where I get a QB and TE in no particular order as there are still good options available there. The rest I do best available and last two are for Defense and Kicker, in no particular order.

    sal lopez

    This is a good one

Jason Velez

That guy saying draft Kelce Round 1… ruined this entire video for me 😂

    nalim lattarai

    Jason Velez earliest to take kelce is 13

    Jason Velez

    nalim lattarai yes but I’m not drafting a TE in the first two rounds. And then he says there is a huge drop off between Kelce to Ertz and Kittle… which there isn’t.

Noah Graham

🤡🤡 Ima apply right quick since I have more knowledge than summa these clowns

Nick Gordon

New title for this video: How to ruin your entire 2019 season in one draft

Mike C

This was a legit strategy (maybe) like 3-4 years ago… now this will def bomb your draft.


Stupid strategy i always pick defense by pick 9 or 10. Sorry bench players pts doesnt count.

Dalton Skinner

You have to be a trade master as well

Gino Vincenzo

Never understood why ppl draft in July and early August . I’ve always had mine after the 3rd pre season game

Ant E

RB1 and 3 WRs works!

Jamie Gambino

I hope the guys in my league watch this video and draft Travis kelce in the first round 😂😂😂😂

Just Average

I opt for RB’s early over WR because that position is so thin. Waiting on RB’s is losing out on the surefire guys and instead hoping you get lucky by finding a gem. Modern NFL with 3 WR 1RB sets, means running backs are outnumbered 3 to 1


LMAO.. they are saying exactly how to lose.

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