Rondé Barber Breaks Down Jameis Winston’s Connection With Chris Godwin | Bucs Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rondé Barber Breaks Down Jameis Winston’s Connection With Chris Godwin | Bucs Film Session

Rondé Barber breaks down the touchdown pass from Jameis Winston to Chris Godwin and a couple more key plays in the Bucs-Saints Week 5 matchup.

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Jet Set Inc. Reply

Jameis played mistake free again, which is nice. The play calling on the offensive end, and our defensive secondary is what lost us this game. Unfortunately, it’s looking like we are still one more offseason out from truly contending, barring an impactful trade being made.

    Derek Waters Reply

    Yup. people wanna talk about not making a move on a cornerback before the deadline unless you’re one step from being a contender when literally the only thing holding this defense back is one true veteran corner to move the rest of the guys one spot down the depth chart (which better fits their skillsets anyway). If Daniel Jones and Teddy Bridewater don’t throw for 600+ plus yards on you, you’re probably talking about either a 3-2 or 4-1 football team right now.

UCON Reply

My dawg to honest lol .. he knew we had a chance to win all these games

Shandon Rolle Reply

Who dat everyone ⚜⚜⚜

    BatedStudent44 Reply

    Dat be bad officiating by the refs

    Shandon Rolle Reply

    @BatedStudent44 dont disagree but on the muffed put yall got the ball back and scored a touchdown so idk y everyones complaining about it cause u guys made up for it in the end

Aldee Natar Reply

1:26 I went out of my seat supersaiyan mode on this!

Rawle Springer Reply

i love these

Jason W Sands Reply

I definitely want too see more defensive schemes like that last one. Nassib was a rocket and the edge was very well contained. Bridgewater was like “Ima head-out out”.

BrutalAsBucs Reply

When you only have to rush 4 to get pressure and can drop 7 doesn’t matter who is running routes because they will be double covered… it all starts in the trenches always has always will

Daymen Dean Reply

Jameis should practice getting pressure on him from the peeps that r trying to sack him he panics to much!! This is advice from someone that got lots of pressure and did bad now I do good just saying!!

    Jay Els Reply

    Daymen Dean jameis one of the best QBs against pressure. The wr weren’t open.

Lamar big Dallas Reply

I can’t believe Mike gets so mad at Jameis…………………….😠……………. that’s not cool he do it once.-twice a year..🙌

Héctor Gómez Reply

Bucs 10-6 or 11-5 probably I think

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