Ronald Jones on Being Back at the Coliseum and Winning Against the Rams | Locker Room Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex Rodriguez


Spec- Jones



You’ll shine brotha, no doubt you will be denied

    Big Red

    Angel FORTNITE will not be denied* FTFY

Nocturnal's Tech Talk

Yess RoJo, the most dynamic back on Bucs squad since Cadillac Williams!! Let’s go Bucs feed this man the rock!💣💣💣

andrew d

voice got deeper in one season

    Michael Gray

    He’s become a man, just look at them USC highlights…the dude can snap at anytime


I can see his psychological confidence growing. Im excited, he can certainly beat NFL Defenders & he knows it now.


Please feed this man, he’s so explosive

BucsFan 727

More he runs the better hes going to get.

Tony Watson

My boy looking explosive we need that in the run game it’s been a long time coming keep it up rojo!!!

John Kay

the improved o-line blocking is definitely helping the running game open up this year

The2ndHoles MyBackyard33

ROJO needs to be a starter, his face says it all…He knows he should be the starter over barber, but just glad we got that “W”…Go Bucs!!!


Nice game RoJo!!!


The refs are holding this dude back😡 he would be pro bowl contender if they didn’t call f***ing holding on all his 15+ yard runs!

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