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Dtm Jax

Jameis haters getting quieter these days. That’s a good thing. Coaching matters. Good job guys…Go Bucs!!


    jw has been tough to support for 5 years but being critical of a guy who could get 100 mil from our organization is not something that should be considered in a negative way. Getting really tired of this reaction when he is doing well.

    Aj Sewsankar

    Ipeter747 I agree with you and I’ve always been a Winston believer. I always said it was the coaching. He was coached by bum lovie smith. And then coached buy bum koetter. We finally have someone that can extract his talent. But if arians can’t change him this season to warrant a mega contract. We need to let him go for sure. Don’t wanna be in that josh freeman situation. Never again!!! Winston is better than freeman. He’s got the talent. It’s his decision making. That’s his only problem. But when our o-line. plays good. He plays good. So hopefully the o line stays good. Highly unlikely but 🤞🏾


    Aj Sewsankar check out Koetter in ATL already regressing that offense… Jameis was asked to make difficult throws in a predictable pass only offense for 3 years while the defense allowed almost 30 pts a game and people wonder why there were turnovers… Goff threw 60 times vs us and what do you know he threw 3 pocks and fumbled in the pocket… Its common sense Jabo has never been the problem


Casey ❤️❤️❤️

Ricky Alphonse

The mics are on point 👌

Jay Els

Mj Stewart gotta go. Dude toooo slow. Doesn’t jam wrs can’t anticipate anything

Minter been balling

After Asteroid Survivor

For Winston, it’s improvement or replacement. Who? A well rested Andrew Luck will be hanging out there.
Ball or Fall.


The O line is not fixed… our O Line matched up well with the rams d line… we are strong inside but weak on the outside tackles so naturally we did better stopping Donald a dominant DT but we wont fare well vs dominant edge rushers

Jason Vega

Shaq had several huge plays he forced the first interception caught one of his own and he forced a fumble at the end

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