Ronald Darby Looking to Minimize Mistakes in Week 2 | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ronald Darby Looking to Minimize Mistakes in Week 2 | Eagles Press Pass

Watch as Philadelphia Eagles players Ronald Darby, Daeshon Hall, Marcus Green speak with media in the locker room following practice on Friday.

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James Morales Reply

Darby is a beast

Will Cheney Reply

Can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying

Call Me J. R. Reply

Remember its us vs them

Eighth Electronics Reply

I wonder what Philly.500 thinks?

TrapSoul Life Reply

He can ball and be a lock down but still are Dline is going to have to help are secondary and get pressure

drealmerz7 z Reply

is this stock for background audio ?

Josh Reply

I’m starting Ridley in fantasy. Make me regret it

    Kingswag817 Reply

    i have him to lol i couldnt dare start him thats like saying you hope he has a good game against us bad mojo bro lol

Codeman Reply

Fly Eagles Fly!

John Lancaster Reply

Audio is terrible.

Cambo Rambo Reply

Hoping it wont be deja vu again like how our game with them in 2017 and 2018 ended. Go birds!

    hamhockbeans Reply

    That would be the hat trick if that happens.

    JP Gunny Reply

    It would still count as a win 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Cambo Rambo Reply

    @JP Gunny I want us to win by at least 3 tds lol

Edward Mears Reply

The Zone Defense is killing the Eagles. They should play a 46 Defensive style to shut down the run, then adjust accordingly. Our Receivers practice against one if the best Wide Receiver player’s, so we should go man to man, and Blitz when possible.

    hamhockbeans Reply

    I remember the last time the birds played zone D during Ray Rodes era. Then we got Jim Johnson and the Eagles was a defensive nightmare but no offense to match.

    cut Reply

    @Ed Really bad reads against Reds.. at least in the 1srt half.. Come to think of it.. last year they played that “SORT OF DEEP — SORT OF UP FRONT D”

    IF you don’t have fast corners, and we really don”t, then you play zone.. which requires you to BE EVEN FASTER! Sry Darby.

JP Gunny Reply

Go get Mincha Fitzpatrick!!!

Shaun Sheep Reply

get rid of mills and pick up fitz. like always its our damn secondary that fails us. giving recievers almost 5 yrd of SPACE to catch the ball doesnt win games

    iLLWiLL TheMiCK Reply

    fitz is a safety doe


    Playing 5-10 yards off the receivers is part of Jim Schwartz defense. That’s not on the corners. If Schwartz play press coverage and blitz then our defense will instantly improve. Mills is a very physical corner, so having him play close will allow him to play his game and his strong suit. Playing close and physical will take away the biting of the double moves. Schwartz is the real problem no matter what corners we have. His scheme leaves the middle of the field wide open and gives away the short routes and quick passes.

TK the 7th Reply

Leblanc did a slick “don’t you guys forget about me” drop in

Paul Toy Reply

Dorby hits but doesn’t wrap and tackle.He’s part of our poorly schemed “get smoked like sausage” secondary.Douglas runs like frozen syrup.They lay off of opponents by about eight yards a play and still get smoked.Our Dline better be great because our secondary gave up twenty seven points to the Deadskins.This week they’re against an excellently capable QB in Ryan and at least three great receivers.

Mike Swizzy Reply

Darby will have an INT this weekend

wy2 fly Reply

Also eagles nation we cant say anything about thorson.. this clearly says everyone does it..

Marquise W Reply

Strap crashin interviews 😂

jakegetscake Reply

Jim Schwartz needs to go! Not a single sack and our secondary sucks

    Marc-André Dandenault Reply


Ernie Green Reply

We should do a deal for Minkah Fitzpatrick from Miami. Get some real secondary defense out there. That’s our Achilles heel

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