Rodney McLeod “It Feels Good to be Back Out There” | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Deus Vult

Holly Sullivan 👀👀👀

Glen Draper

Just do it. .💪🏈 fly Eagles fly !

Donald Brown

Lets get ready to start this thing off right. Hit them high hit them low. Now lets fly. Carson Wentz MVP


Scrubs like Graham, Sullivan and Sendejo really make you appreciate Rodney lol. Glad he’s back

    MC_pickle Raiders

    Alright. I had some potential for Sendejo but ight

    Mog Wi

    Rodney played like a scrub last week though.

    MC_pickle Raiders

    Mog Wi Not really he wasn’t in most of the game. The secondary was struggling anyway


    @Mog Wi rodney isn’t a star. He’s average. Nothing wrong with that. But you should keep in mind that was his first game back from an ACL surgery. Same with Darby.

    Mog Wi

    @MC_pickle Raiders funny, if you look up the eagles snap counts rodney played 67 out of 67 total defensive snaps. By my calculations that’s 100% of the snaps. I guess he was so impactful you thought he wasn’t in the lineup.

drealmerz7 z

little chemistry between these 2, nice!

McLeod! – if he lasts 10 years in the league with a standout career, let’s call him The Immortal ?


He’s going to shine against Atlanta

    MC_pickle Raiders

    def gonna get an int

Farren Skowron

Stay fly, l like that

John Lancaster

Defense has to quit relying so much on the offense and step up.

MC_pickle Raiders

Please trade Jalen Mills for Minkah Fitzpatrick! He will help our secondary

Call Me J. R.

He just got a Good pass break up, lets goo Eagles 🦅

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