Rod Marinelli Has Very High Standards For Defensive Linemen | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kurt McKelvey Reply

Purge squad !!!!! 😕 🇺🇸

Piggy -SubscribeForShoutout Reply

This is a hungry hungry defense that just wants to play this season

Ricardo Lewis Reply

This defense is gonna be nasty!!!

Anthony Tabor Reply

I have high hopes for this defense this year like coach said this defense is deep especially that d-line I think they can be one of the top 5 defense’s this year. If everything comes together like it should and play as good as we look on paper we are going to be tough to beat but only time will tell as always it DC4L!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Main Reply

I love rod. Dude asked if this line is close to the one he had in Tampa. Rod wanted to be real but he gave this team sum props I ain’t mad at it but we all know we got a ways to be that kind of line

    Epic.popsickle Reply

    Tyler Main what stars did he have on that Tampa line

    Tyler Main Reply

    @Epic.popsickle Derrick Brooks semien rice(i know I butchered his name but I’m too lazy to look it 👆 ) an Warren sapp. Not to mention John lynch at safety an ronde barber at corner. I mean our defense is close but let’s be honest.

Alex Alvarado Reply

I love this guy

corey goree Reply

Its was great meeting with u coach

jeremy x Reply

Papa Rod
He got this defense together
He’s tenacious, disciplined, tough, committed, loyal, etc

His players are following suit

John Snow Reply

just listening to him talk makes me feel like i could run through a wall for him ….great guy and i can see why he gets the best out of his guys

lightupanother420 Reply

Dallas gonna be ready to go out there and put in work and get there respect they deserve

iStrayzey Reply

I’m so ready for this season! Them hottt boysssss


Top 5 D

Mark Krok Reply

The D line whisperer

Upper Management Reply

By Dallas having one of the best offensive lines. It only makes your D-line that much better. I enjoy coach Rod Marinelli & coach Richard.

Mandoe Muñoz Reply

I think the whole defense took it to heart the way that the rams ran all over us .

They’re not fucking around this year .

Hot Boy Purge Squad .

David Rodriguez Reply

31 other teams working hard too. Too early for any team to say they are going to be the best or one of the best, unless you are the New England Patriots.

All others are known to lay an egg.

ETC Mob. Reply

We’re finally going to have a top 5 defense, and our offense is going to be average AF.

NEMoretime Reply

It is a good thing the league has a 53 man roster so the better talent evaluating teams cant hold onto better talent.

If the roster size were larger I would hold onto probably 13 Dline players in camp now.

Robert Barnes Reply

Can’t wait to snatch the Patriots soul this year

Chris Nixon Reply

Would love to be coached by him

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