Rod Marinelli: Everything You Got, Every Second | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Its a joke to start antwan woods again after the rams ran 250+ yards on this dline,woods was a mauled 1 on1 ,

    Dividend Income

    And where were the other lineman? Where were the LB’s? Where was the SS?

    It’s not about one person…. Do you know anything about football?

    Donna Blanton

    It’s a joke to think one game defines a man’s career.

    Y Z

    him and d law or injured. i think woods will learn from what happened and grow.

Aston Reeves

Great questions at the end there

Donna Blanton

Why does the dude with the chapeaux and glasses always look away and around when he asks a question? Gosh, he’s distracting and annoying!

Todd Vardaman

Rod is THE MAN. Love that dude,humble and honest.

    John Pierce

    World needs more Rob Marinelli’s



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