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Drew Z

On that last play there you could see Clark holding up and not taking Cousins to the ground. Clark is a very disciplined defender.

    Joseph Karter

    Clark gets better each year.

    Greytness _

    Respect. He could have easily picked him up and drove him into the ground like Barr did Rodgers.

bruce krueger

Well the pack looks back to there recovery mode for sure the d is playing very well, we just need 4 quarters of rhythm out of the offense, and I truly believe the pack can contend with the best teams out there , stay healthy and its going to be promising

Robert Preston

Here in Chicago the bear fans are talking tough as usual saying they own the NFC and will win the Super Bowl. Frankly I dont see the bears even making the playoffs. Packer will win this division for sure

    Robert Preston

    @JM T3 And the team does that Club Dub celebration as if they won the super bowl after each win I mean come on


    The New England Patriots ( 6–5 ) and Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6–2 ) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys ( 5–3 ) and the San Francisco 49ers ( 5–1 ) have five wins. Greenbay has 4. Hmmm where are the Bears LMAO

    I dont blame Packer fans for boasting. After all its not their fault their team has a winning tradition and the bears always suck. Stupid bear fans put up with losing so they deserve all the crap they get! Chicago is a great city but fans here have no standards at all. They embrace losing. Even players always say the fans and media here are so soft compared to other places. Chicago does not demand winning at all, they accept and embrace losing! A tiny town like Greenbay has higher standards than us!

    The Bears take a dump on their fans and the fans beg for more

S. Li

Lowry is good but I still preferred Daniels.


    Clark may be better.


    I LOVE Big Mike’s nasty swagger, but he’s too short and too slow for this defense. Sad, but true. That guy is all heart, and an amazing orator/motivator in the locker room, but just doesnt fit the current mold. I’ll always think fondly of him.


So glad for lowry. He’s another threat that you have to account for on that D line and defense as a whole.


This is why they couldn’t keep paying McDaniels starter money, all you doubters stand corrected, this is a new regime, not going to keep guys around when we have better, and cheaper talent ready to ascend, need to pay Clark the big bucks.


    Who is McDaniels?

    JM T3

    MrOuchiez I think he’s referring to mike Daniels


    @JM T3 haha my bad ye I was


Clark is a monster!

Simple X.

Lowry is very underrated. Clark is a stud.

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