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Ece Gamez

You played out of your mind when Trubisky is back expect better games


    Why? He hasn’t done much better than Chase this year.

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    Ece Gamez
    Mitch better


    Hahaha thats funny..

Young Wavy

Need to give him more opportunities to go up and go get the ball

Ken Vance

Trenches got beat for the most part of the game.. Leno need some serious work to account for all of the penalties and whiffs or just get rid of him all together.

    Michael Coffey

    Long is worse sadly they both need to be removed….. permanently.

c k

You played great Robinson amazing catches my dude

    Pablo Moreno

    Yes he did

    Randy J

    Him and Cohen were the only bright spots. Everyone else crapped down their leg.


    I got him on fantasy (ppr) he’s always consistent if the rest of the offense was like him we’d be undefeated np

    Chris Gee is ANILORAC

    Robinson is in the top 5!!!! 🐻⬇️

First name Paris

It’s not our WR crew it’s QB and o line

    First name Paris

    Pablo Moreno yea idk what Cohen Montgomery and Davis are doing in the off season we nicked named em run DMC haven’t seen a run yet

    First name Paris

    Brandon Freres i agree we need to make a trade or pick up o line in draft now

    Randy J

    @Brandon Freres Watson is great behind a crappy O line. Many QBs are. Watson been sacked 19 times and still lighting up the scoreboard. Trubisky would suck behind any O line.

    Brandon Freres

    Different team different situation. Idk what the run game looks like for them but it’s probably better cuz our o line cant run block or pass block. You cant really compare qb’s on different teams. A qb has to lean on his guys, half the time it boils down to a wr making a great play, or a tight end which the bears could use. If we cant run the ball then the defense will play 2 deep and we wont be able to pass the ball either. There is a lot that goes into it, you cant just compare them like that it isn’t fair. Mitch is a great athlete with a lot of potential, you cant get around that.

Sinatra Smith

A Rob is a real beast,so underrated

Sinatra Smith

Great route running and great hands👐

PHILosophy 1990

ARob been ballin out since we picked him up tho! Glad he’s a Bear….We need better O-line and QB play NOW. This next stretch is gonna be TOUGH!

    JJ Castro Jr

    I agree with you. We should’ve arrived in London early in the week just to get acclimated to the environment. We can’t depend on our D forcing turnovers every game and our O has to hold it’s weight

    PHILosophy 1990

    @JJ Castro Jr……Yup. That’s what I said before the game. The Raiders did the same thing last season (leave Thursday, play Sunday), and they got beat too. We fought, but it wasnt good enough.

    JJ Castro Jr

    @PHILosophy 1990 If only Matt Nagy knew about this and our trip to London would’ve been much sooner. I guess he underestimated the flight time from Chicago to London (8 hours) which is a big difference. His preparation this year is off compared to last year

    Don bur jr

    5-11 it’s a wrap

    PHILosophy 1990

    @Don bur jr….Donnie boy! I know you lovin this 🙄. I don’t know about that record, but we have been *underwhelming* to say the least. We still have a long season, but we will see. 🐻⬇️ boy!


Great effort Robinson, One of the Bright spots in this offense, Have faith we’ll turn it around GO BEARS!🏈🐻

Storm edwards

Imagine if we had a qb to throw to you! You played great!

Sharphet P. Hornblower

Dude catches anything in his area. Hes a badass!!

deEZ NutZ

I feel bad for him. He does a lot for the team and we still suck

It's a dry heat

How many times did he say “again”? Go!

Matt O'Rourke

re-sign this man asap

youngblak Wall Street

This guy here is half man half amazing he played lights out in whole game the 2nd half of the game he scored 2tds to bring the Chicago BEARS within 3pts and the bears took the lead on the 3rd touchdown by RB David Montgomery these players played there hearts out Allen Robinson is a monster on field and at the WR position the bears should have won this game today but I’m still trusting the process the Bears will bounce back with the return of QB Mitchell Trubisky the bears will get back to there winning ways let’s get it Bears Ride or die


Robinson did really good and had some amazing catches,toe drag swag tough loss but we will bounce back

Will Marley

Allen “And Again” Robinson 😂😂😂

Ivo G

damn shame for him to ball out like that in loss.

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