Riggo The Diesel – Season 2 Episode 6 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Keith Payne

Hey John, are you bored and broke? We need some kind of spark.

Neal M

The misspelled name on the big board while inducting London to the ROF and the trainer stirring the Gatorade without the proper sanitary equipment are all symptoms of the problem with the Redskins. Basically “whatever” and there is no expectations and accountability to do things right. Throughout the organisation. Nothing Case or Gruden can do to change that. IT comes from the top 2 guys.

    Maximus Wolfe

    I really only comes from Snyder. He’s football kryptonite. The the most pestilential owner I’ve ever seen.


Skins are so predictable in the most crucial moments


For them to win a game it would have to start with Josh Norman not getting scorched, or sprinting after the QB leaving the coverage wide open for a TD!! Play calling in the 2ond half should have been adjusted to early in the 1st quarter. Jay has lost this locker room in my opinion, and our defense is free lancing too much… Namely Josh Norman!!

Maximus Wolfe

As a former Redskins fan (30 years hardcore ’87 -’17) I really feel bad for those out there who think they owe more loyalty to this pitiful bastardization. The Washington Redskins no longer exist. At some point during Snyder’s time as owner of that franchise, for all intents and purposes, it ceased to exist. He still has legal title to the name but nothing remains of the organization and mystique that I loved. Even a gamer, schooled by Nick Saban, like Jonathan Allen, can’t reverse course or resurrect that fire retrosctively. Snyder would have to sell or die and that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

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