Rick Spielman: We Considered Christian Darrisaw at No. 14 and Got Him at No. 23 | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rick Spielman: We Considered Christian Darrisaw at No. 14 and Got Him at No. 23 | 2021 NFL Draft

Minnesota Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center to recap Day 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft where the team selected Virginia Tech T Christian Darrisaw at No. 23 in the first round.

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Lucas’s Stache

The title is exactly what I was thinking


I love you Rick.
I want to name my first child after you 😂




I’m glad we Address the O Line. But we still got a LG issue. 😂

    C_james 63

    @Sam Woodward it’s the Vikings man, they’re guaranteed to not do something as common sense as that. Lol

    Ethan Griffith

    Preach. Let’s get Kendrick Green from Illinois in the fourth or late third

    King Kong

    Ezra actually played well for an out of position player. He may have not been able to keep with the top DTs, but he was amazing in the run game and held his own against weaker opponents. Which is a lot to ask for a LT plying RG.

    Sam Woodward

    @C_james 63 I am well aware that our 4 3rd round picks will probably all be defensive players 😂. Hopefully slick Ricks got something planned

    Biggus Dickus

    Put Ezra at left guard and draft Ben Cleveland for right guard

Casey James

Yay we got Christian Darrisaw😁 now let’s hope Ezra turns out good, Garrett Bradbury steps it up and the Gaurd we draft turns out phenomenal too…Hopefully this young line of inexperienced players can block against good Defenses so Kirk Cousins can sit in the pocket longer🤪👍Add him too the long list of top draft Olineman

Plumbo Dipkis

Straight FLEECED the Jets. Sköl 😈

    P.J. Fleck

    Not if the Vikings didn’t get what they wanted lol


    Lol fleeced them but scrambling to move back up? Ricky got lucky he slide

    Jose Perez

    @P.J. Fleck but they did

    Jose Perez

    @archangel_88 still got him

Segundo César

Rick is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

SKOL from Brazil!

    Segundo César

    @Pericles Iaueh Da Silva kkkkkkķkk tmj caraiii

    Styks 27

    Nice quote from Andy haha

    Segundo César

    @Styks 27 Andy is The best

    Styks 27

    @Segundo César I totally agree 💜💛

    Chris K47

    @Gary Oak chinese checkers hahah thats on point


lets hope its a great season boys!!!


Kirk Cousins breathing a huge sigh of relief. His wife too.

    shaun spratley

    But, “if he dies, he dies”? Lmao
    Thank gawd we got OLine!

    Dan Strikker

    As is every vikings fan


    Still need a competent LG though.


all i see is a goat

Ivo Eenink

Slick Rick you trader genius! Perfect start of this draft! Skol

Nicholas Trainor

Rick the real slick Spielman


way to go Slick Rick! Now go get us a starting caliber Offensive Guard.

Jamie Fialkin

You have restored my faith in you sir. Now get in the 2nd round. Get us a guard QB wr3 n safety n I’ll see you in the nfc Championship

    Chris K47

    @HooksetSZN for real, we still did pretty good though


    @Chris K47 zero complaints from me about the pick. The maneuvering wasnt good for my blood pressure though haha.

    Anthony Tobias

    They still need defensive line help also another pass rusher

    Biggus Dickus

    If they came out of this draft with Jevon Holland and Ben Cleveland we would be loaded.

    Chris K47

    @HooksetSZN yeah it made me nervous too haha, i cant really complain much either but if we somehow got the jets #2 pick in the 2nd round that would have obviously been amazing

Tim 03

“Is a pure left tackle” zims definitely gonna play him at guard this year

    Gary Oak

    He’ll ride the pine. Zimmer likes turnstiles like TJ Clemmings and Dakota Dozier.

    Gaming with Puppetcabbage

    haha, sad, but funny


    Yea about half the lineman they drafted that didnt stick. they ruined and didnt stick because they never kept them in the position they drafted them for and let them develop before trying them someplace else and asking them to learn a new position. That was my largest fear that they would do with ONeal

    Biggus Dickus

    Rick Dennison is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put him at Center.

Natural Twenty

At this point I’m expecting Rick to transform into Loki when he gets home.

Kolfi brown

Boy when you heard 👂 that the Vikings had traded back to #23 and the Jets had picked up avt Vikings fans everywhere wanted your head🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kolfi brown

I love Slick Rick Speilman. Vikings fans was happy when we’ve drafted Chris Darrisaw. Finally he got a good 👍 🙌 👏 🙏 Oline man


    Dont sleep on O’Neil he has played 2387 snaps or something like that and has only allowed 4 sacks

    The McAndrews

    @IcedkalebPlayz O’Neil’s better days are a head of him 💜💛👍



Isaiah Nguyen

His job is safe to me. Have a whole lot of anxiety but slick Rick did it

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