Richard Sherman Responds with a 49ers Pick 6! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Josue Tejada

So happy for Sherman. Glad he got that pick 6

    L G R W

    Josue Tejada should be a fumble recovery td if you pause the video when he gets to goal Line I think he dropped it just before. But yes happy for him.

    quan Brooklyn kid

    @L G R W damn

    Andrew Fung

    People are writing him off but he’s still elite nobody wants to throw at 25

    Makeup Minion

    One of many to happen

    Robert Spaulding

    L G R W
    It crossed the goal line before it slipped out of his hand lol


Lets go Sherm. Good to see him playing like he should


Winston you are not the answer for the Bucs. That’s what it boils down to.


    He will be eating Ws and boiling down stolen crab legs by next week

    So Much Swag

    He gotta go

    Elena Hillestad

    Bucs won’t be good until they get rid of the Glazers

    Sammie Jackson

    Tampa needs Winston

    So Much Swag

    @Sammie Jackson negative….he has not progressed since being drafted….he is as good as he was the day we drafted him …he has weapons to succeed…he just doesn’t…and he has brain freezes when he is needed the most…it’s been time for a change

Seahawk777 GOATS

Famous Jameis and his turnover bakery!

    The Soviet Commissioner

    Seahawk777 GOATS ayyyy I got the reference

    Antifa Destroyer

    I always said Winston should be in an apple pie factory bc he’s a turnover machine

    Making Stones

    Urinating tree on week 1 sportsball: Look AT FAMOUS JAMEIS AND HIS TURNOVER BAKERY

Loyal Philly fan

Flashback to when he used to do this to the 49ers every year and now he doing it for the 49ers

    Dat boiqp

    U know what he means Julian

    Manvir Sandhu

    @Julian Ruvalcaba not a pick 6 but sherman was def our kryptonite. dude used to pick us off every single yr

    My Team Over Yours

    Sherman was Kaepernicks favorite target.


    @Julian Ruvalcaba, no but he did return a blocked FG 90 yards against them.

    John Stone

    Those were some great games between the Seahawks vs. 49ers.


How many pics James gotta throw to be a cut and eventually be a career backup

    Mike Z

    Idk but he had two in the first game

Lil Bean

Nice to see Jameis Winston back in mid season form

    Samuel Barela

    Lil Bean lol

Nicholas Johnson

Seahawk or not u still my dawg sherman dats what I’m talkin bout ballin outta control



    Simson Garcia

    Oh yeah! Same here, sucks he left but soo happy for him. And its great to see he still in LOB form! #dontyouevertalkaboutme


Famous Jameis bakery opens with a juicy pick six


    Not once but twice baby


    FinerNiner oh yes, I forgot the second one because I commented before the 2nd one happened!



Hector Rodriguez

It’s so weird that Richard Sherman is in a 49ers Uniform

    Makeup Minion

    I’m still getting use to seeing Sherman in a 49ers uniform.

    Marcus Bell

    @raged flipped so what he needs to shuts his mouth

Brian Sergeant

When you try him with a sorry QB like Famous Jameis, that’s the result you gonna get!



    Mr. Lightskin

    Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



    Keevon Jones

    Yo I’m dying 😂


You get a pick 6 you get a pick 6 we all get a pick 6!

Jonathan Rose

That was about the easiest pick 6 I’ve ever seen. The RB was wide open too. Horrible ball placement by Winston.

    Trevor Ward

    Tbh tho the 49ers defense was pretty damn good all game tho.

Money Blaise

Hol up didn’t they tank for Winston 😂😂

Riley Freeman

That’s what happens when you put a sorry receiver against me like crabtree😂

Aaron Stevens

Sherman’s Pick 6 !!! 49ers let go !!! Damn i hope they stay healthy !!

Julian Ruvalcaba

Jamie’s had 2 pick 6s today and 2 dropped pick 6s. No lie

Sauce Jackson

Sherm !

Arguably the best CB ever !


Damn that could’ve been an all time fail moment. fumbled it before reaching the end zone, good thing it bounced in bounds


Sherm was da goat in Seattle. Good to see him ball hawk’in again

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