Rich Scangarello Discusses His Role, Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts, & More | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Bruce Terrell Reply

I told you Wentz foot work was off. Jalen Hurts had no problems. Carson still learning.

    Bruce Terrell Reply

    @Nathan Smith clean your TV screen or replace that old monitor.. King Hurts will reign along time in Philly. Wentz will crumble and Hurts will take over.

    Bruce Terrell Reply

    Jalen Hurts has already clipped the 2 spot. Easy work, he has ran circles thru the defenses scoring at will. Plus he is thrown far more TDs in camp than all the QB. Wentz was a bad investment. Howie is no fool, that’s why he got Jalen Hurts. Hurts will crush Wentz shortly. Now get the why right now all you Philly dogs know. It is Jalen Hurts team shortly so Wentz out.

    Bruce Terrell Reply

    Jalen Hurts has a massive following. People love him nationwide.

    Nathan Smith Reply

    Ugh I thought you were stupid, Not a hater. My bad have a good day trolling kid.

Jeffrey Faucette Reply

These were all pretty good questions and this dude seems pretty dope

JFEddie66 Reply

Did they intentionally blurred out his answer? 4:05

    Eagles champs 1 Reply

    I thought I turned off the sound on my phone 🤣

Spencer Termilus Reply

Thanks Rich I believe your input to us will be very valuable and will help make our offense so much better than it’s ever been.

    Flexible Strategist Reply

    I agree; but no offense flourishes with a solid O line and we lost two key guys this season.

Deshea Shavers Reply

If he’s as good as what I’ve seen Moorehead do with them young WR’s, let’s get it. Those WR’s were doing work even in pads.

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