Reshad Jones ready to help team win – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dolphin Dustin

Hope we keep rashad for a few more yrs.

    Mark Jefferson

    Idk he’s 30.

    Maher Justice

    @Mark Jefferson then he can play for us for about 5-7 more years

    Dolphin Dustin

    3 or 4 more hopefully


Good news – welcome back Jones! Go get it! Go Dolphins!

Douchebag brigade

lets be here for him if he’s willing to stay for us.

Jonathan Kasberg

I wonder what the person thinks when posting these. Do they listen/watch before they are posted.
Still cant hear the questions.

. Polo

Let’s Go G5 !!

Matthew Jenkins

My favorite dolphin over the past ten years. I hope he retires a dolphin

Marky Mark

The teams not gonna win reshad…we fans know you wanna win..but way to much stacked against you..the tank is in full gear

Quentin Seals

Rashad Jones, it’s been 10 yrs

pete's autos

Thank you for being a phin

Jaxon McKinney

stay with miami dolphins fins up

rolando orellana

Pay Cut!

    Suave Guyy

    rolando orellana for what? he’s not gonna do it for 2 reasons.. Miami have enough money for the future and he knows the team bad so he collecting every penny before he retires

    Allen Carson

    Bra u hella dumb tellin jones take ah pay cut dey needa pay him fuk outta hea make yo job give u ah pay cut

Allen Carson

Dey need 2 seal da deal wit jones hard body

Chris Foster

They needa restructure his contract

Roger Craig

Got nothing but love for Rashad, no homo..

michael hutchinson

Go get the ball..

Pete Martinez

Let’s go get this dub G5 wins cure everything let’s go fins up the realist safety in the game

Andrew J

“JONES” we’re one ☝🏾 of a kind……..

America Reigns

Scrub on a team of scrubs.

King Truth

Love Jones!

Mike Pelligrino

Who’s buying tickets to this laughingstock? lol

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