Reporters React to Chargers Drafting OT Rashawn Slater in the First Round, “It worked out perfectly” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Reporters React to Chargers Drafting OT Rashawn Slater in the First Round, “It worked out perfectly”

On this special draft roundtable, Chris Hayre is joined by Daniel Popper of The Atlantic, Gilbert Manzano of Southern California News Group, and Jeff Miller of LA Times to break down everything that happened on day one of the 2021 NFL Draft and how they feel about the Chargers selecting OT Rashawn Slater out of Northwestern in the first round.



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Aaron Adams

Feel like I watched this before 👀😏😂

Agent Visual

AYY love the Pick GO CHARGERS!!!!!

Julian Lopez

Let’s go Bolts

Dub McBogie

I was assuming they would have to decide on 3rd best tackle or best available…score.

    Miguel Castellanos

    I was thinking the same thing.


Joshua Kelley is gonna blossom behind that line boys

    Jeffrey Bird

    So is Herbert

Dub McBogie

Leatherwood = D.J. Fluker

    Jeffrey Bird

    If it wasn’t for Peyton turner alex leatherwood would be the biggest reach in the draft.


    D.J. Fluker was the bottom of the barrel. The Chargers were picking 11th that year and 5 offensive linemen went a ahead of Fluker. The Chargers absolutely had to pick an offensive lineman that year & the class for offensive linemen wasn’t anything like this year. There were at least 3 better linemen still on this year’s board when the Faders took Leathewood!

    Joffy Joffa



    @ItsTimeToBolt AT LEAST 3

Jeffrey Bird

The chargers played the first round perfectly.


I’m eating up the dissing of the RaiderFaders! 🤣👏🤣👏🤣 Year after year Gruden proves what a slug 🐌 he is in talent evaluation. Why does Mayock stay there? Chuckie is absolutely destroying Mike Mayock’s reputation!

Michael Barrera

Slater is not just a “big ugly” but also an agile one

jonathan mckenzie

lets all remember Pop thinks Gus Bradley is GREAT DC hahahah

    Joffy Joffa

    He’s had more talent to work with than ANY notable D coordinators. All anyone had to do is check his resume year by year and stay woke.

Andre Ecija

Bolt Up Man


I hope he works out. ⚡💙💛

Daniel Silva

I think there’s better value at safety for pick 47, and plenty of good similar CBs at 77


    Except we have 2 starting Safeties and we need a starting CB from this draft. Picking a starter at 77 is like waiting until the 3rd to pick a LT. Too important for such a big need to wait until the 3rd.

    Daniel Silva

    @Gekokujo76 Brandon Staley loves to run 3 safety sets, have you seen the type of defense he ran with the Rams? Another safety would allow Staley to put DJ all around the lineup and give opposing offenses different looks every down, not to mention another safety would act as DJ insurance incase he goes down with another injury. The starting caliber at pick 47 for safety is a lot better than 77, and will roughly be the same for a corner at 77 as it would at pick 47.

    Daniel Silva

    @Gekokujo76 Additionally, our front office has said they draft football players, not positions. If they think a better football player is available at 47 and it’s not a cornerback I trust that


    @Daniel Silva I also remember Staley using Ramsey pretty well. Our STARTERS are an old guy and an undrafted guy….which one is going to fill that Ramsey role? We have a Pro Bowl caliber Safety in James….who is our Pro Bowl caliber CB? Which position is more important and more of a need….CB or S? It answers itself unless you’re trying to get cute.

Strykr Pinoy

Question is can we go a season injury free or will we be a makeshift Oline by week 5? Because for the last 10 years by week 5 the Oline was manned by backups, Rivers wasted his career ( he actually could move in the pocket before blowing out both knees) due to a PoS O-line over all.


This is EASILY the most talented Chargers O line of my life. You have to go back to the days of Dielman/Hardwick/Goff before this line was good.

Alan Teague

Gilbert gets it!!! That offense keys off the o line. This move (building an o line) is going to make the running game work. That makes the offense a duel threat. That give Guyton more of a chance to shine. I am blanking on the other speedster.
Anyway they have a couple of recievers that didn’t make it to the field last year that everyone thought would be more of a factor. We are in need of corners, 2 minimum. Depth o line. D line, an anchor and an edge for depth. And possibly a safety.
A lot of talent was aloud to walk in FA and need to be replaced. I know, we get back James but will he stay healthy? It should be an unusually talented undrafted free agent class. It should go the Chargers way since at least one guy makes it year after year.

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