Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History: Priest Holmes Sets NFL TD Record – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Curt Thacker

Ok kingdom… look up the ringer on you tube a song about Mahomes it’s great and your welcome go chieeeeefs

Outlaw Gaming

i miss seeing him play

Jim McIntyre

One of the best offensive lines? I’d argue it was the best.


    Better than Dallas, even. Yeah. The very best.

    Chris Moore

    @MrKneller I think the 92,93 Dallas offensive line has the edge. You just can’t discount the absolute dominating presence of Larry Allen. As a unit Mark Stepnoski, Nate Newton, Mark Tuinei, Erik Williams, Larry Allen, Kevin Gogan, and John Gesek combined for 30 Pro Bowls and three Super Bowl wins.

    NeGaTiVe FuSiOn

    Yet unfortunately still couldn’t win a Super Bowl. Hopefully that all changes soon.

Mr. SassyDuck

This is why I bought his jersey and still wear it today to the games.

Sean S.

I really never thought we’d see another running back like Priest, but only a few years later, we were blessed once again with another great, Jamaal Charles. I still don’t know between the 2 which one would be considered the #1 rb in Chiefs history. I love them both equally and they both tore the field up whenever and wherever they played.


I don’t often want to hug a Priest, this is my exception. Induct him!

Todd P

Priest is my all-time favorite running back.

Victor Hardin

Holmes Jersey sales are in the top 10 ever sold

Early REED

His jersey should be retired.


This man was the reason I became a Chiefs fan. 18 years later, through the highs and lows, I love this team more than ever!

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Sure do miss the priest!

James Edwards

I know Jamaal Charles is KC’s all time leading rusher BUT Holmes is the best RB we’ve ever had. Holmes was nasty AF

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