Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History: Jamaal Charles Scores 5 TDs vs. Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big E




Rebecca Cabrera

I can see Shady and Williams doing this all day Sunday


McCoy looked great in Jacksonville

Marky Mark Courtney

Imagine if he played with Mahomes.

    Adrian Morales

    Too much to handle…

    Itzzz Dibly

    We would be unstoppable on offense then

    Keaden Wheeler

    And we had a top 5 defense back then🀫🏈

Robert Couey

Pretty cool that one of the greatest receiving performances in franchise history belongs to a running back.


That game was sooo fun to watch! alsoooo when will the red Friday flags be back in stock! πŸ™


hell yeah!

Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

Oh how I miss Jamaal Charles. One of my all time favorites. What a great game this was. β€πŸ’›

    Ethan Proctor

    Same but we used to run the ball and never throw. If we threw more he wouldnt be hurt so easy. Glad cheifs made a change the past few years

    Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

    @Ethan Proctor oh, for sure. He was our offense back then. I’m definitely glad things have changed; just wish he hadn’t been beat up so much and could’ve played longer.

    Ethan Proctor

    @Tamara Russell-Czwartacky yeah and now we should run the ball a ltle more lol. Now i think we throw a little to much but we got amazing RB . i hope Hill and Mahomes are all good

    Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

    @Ethan Proctor agreed!!

John Carter

The Beer Game!!!
🍺 🍺 🍺



Rex Ontop

Jamal Charles a legend one of the best to do it


Loved JC

Andrew Sundberg

Iconic moment when that scumbag fan threw his beer in Jamaal’s face and he took it in stride and kept on dancin

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