Redskins365 S1: Ep 11 Twists And Turns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
GP 7105

This team is just such a let down every week (I’m a Redskins fan btw)

    LarryDinkle Pie

    GP 7105 As long as I’ve been alive* 😂

    GP 7105

    @LarryDinkle Pie lol same😂

    LarryDinkle Pie

    Beta Lewi 19 so I guess

    Beta Lewi

    @LarryDinkle Pie Right


So are you gonna start to adjust vs the BEARS!

    Adam Thomas

    Unfortunately, he will adjust at the half and that’s when the wheels come off

Javi Bustos

Extremely frustrating to be a Redskins fan… Every week is the same thing and you hear the same thing “gotta do better, be consistent, be physical, in the beginning we are good” when will the excuse and bs stop?! We want results!

Daddy SmokesYams

This channel is trash compared to some other nfl teams. They act like the YT audience is an afterthought. Just another this organization doesn’t do well. They are so out of touch

Velour Watts

I’m not even gonna watch this cowboys highlights video, just WIN!

Daddy SmokesYams

WTF makes you think we wanna see this after they went out there and got their as*es handed to them against the #1 division rival? Just play good ball.. Enough with the theatrics

    Richard Harryman

    Daddy SmokesYams they’ve been doing this since rookie minicamp if you don’t want to see it don’t watch it plain and simple

    Daddy SmokesYams

    @Richard Harryman So why didnt you take your own advice when you saw my comment and just move along?? So basically you’re a hypocrite and a huge b*tch 🤷🏾‍♂️


Jay knows nothing about this rivalry . Smh Dallas own us for 4 years now

    Jack The MAN

    I know right. Joe Gibbs in both times he coached the team regardless of our record always had the skins ready to play Dallas.

Israel Iacob

With no results of wins listen closely to what the coaches are saying in the beginning of this video! Year after year same ole bs. Time to clean house completely #DanielSnyder except for Doug Williams he’s the only true football person you have someone who actually played the game in the NFL in the front office worthy of having a clear understanding on who to build a team

Israel Iacob

The team’s coaches have no confidence in the team their stealing money #DanielSnyder read the body language look at their facial expressions

Fishslap 33

1: Fire Brallen. He has a losing record after nearly a decade as the usurper king of the Skins. Enough!
2: Fire Jay Gruden. He has a losing record too, and is clearly incapable of running the team in a consistent fashion.
3: Fire Greg Manusky. The worst defense in the NFL right now. Enough!
4: Hire a new FO with one cap guy and one personnel guy. Neither of them can be Brallen.
5: Hire a new head coach with full control of the roster. What he wants the pesonnel department finds, period.
6: Hire a competent defensive coordinator.

Do not deviate in any way from this course of action. It is utterly pointless, as you well know, to fire Jay Gruden unless you first fire Brallen. It is likewise pointless, as you found out last year when you tried to oust him unsuccessfully, to fire Manusky before firing Jay Gruden. No one decent, period, wants to work for the disreputable Brallen so he has to go first. And no defensive coordinator would uproot his family to go work for a coach on his last legs and then some. So Gruden has to go second. And I know you know this, Redskins. So what’s the delay? Not happy until not a single Redskins fan remains? If so you are doing a fantastic job.

Justin Arledge

For god sake blitz on defense

    Russell Barbett

    Exactly!.. don’t just bring 4, bring 5 or 6 at times. Just blitz.

    Justin Arledge

    @Russell Barbett yeah man

Dwayne Carter

It’s like after the 1st half the defensive coordinator tell them just let them score

Hugh Gard

Well the one thing that remains consistent is GRUDEN makes no adjustments during the game. Whatever happens just happens, between him and Snyder they will make sure the redskins suck. They won’t be done till there are zero fans

Hugh Gard

GRUDEN is starting to sound like trump…hitting us w a line of bullshit..working and jerking to keep a job he can’t do.

Peyton Cooper

Fire Gruden, manusky, and Bruce Allen.

Anthony George II

Jay Gruden is such a CLOWN. I’m about sick of hearing and looking at him!

Nick S

No bad time to start a MNF win streak #HTTR


We still here 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🤘🏾✝️✝️®️

Raaa Stunna

Damn is this the YouTube channel of the redskins or the cowboys..
Just talking and showing cowboys highlights

Entrenched Trader

🧐… 🐻⬇️ the Bears defense is coming to feast and Mitch is going to have a great game! GO BEARS!

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