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Malik Lander

Haskins first touchdown was to the Giants, How ironic

    Jack White

    TRE45ON Haskins is a bum. Boy don’t belong in this league. The giants are set up for success with Danny Dimes 💰


    isn’t that what he always dreamed of as a kid lmao


    @Lord Dyson They used to say the same thing about Penn St backs…then along came Saquon. DH will be fine

    Lord Dyson

    @KingCapricorn115 as a career back up

Larrysgdz Thebest

*Dolphins: we got the #1 pick in the draft*

*Redskins join the chat*

*Redskins: not soo fast*


    Sad that its only Week 4 and they’re thinking about next years draft…


    Do I hear a…. TANK BOWL??!?!?!?

    Kris Gordon

    Tank Bowl in 2 weeks. Winner gets Tua.

    Zach Douglass

    Golden Corral someone doesn’t have a sense of humor 😂😂

Benick Mbaya

Week after week, I question why I even bother supporting the Redskins…

    Mohammed Babaki

    WeylandYutani the 99’ team was our best team since 91’ and then Snyder started screwing everything up

    Ryan James

    you are cursed with being a true fan. just remember its not always rim jobs and handies that make the nice nice. endless losses over bandwagon. so to you good sir, we salute. Hope the skins give brady what Christopher reeves had.


    Being a Skins fan is like being married to an unfaithful wife.


    @Benick Mbaya it will always be dead as long as snyder is the owner

    Brandon Meiner

    Benick Mbaya it’s been rough the last 2 years as a giants fan too

Fingering Things

We scored 3 points on the 2nd worst defense in the league.


    Stephane Belizaire



    and scored 21 on Dallas!!!! Hmmm…Something aint right lol

Benick Mbaya

And just like that I’m not confident that the Redskins will beat the Dolphins anymore😭

    ecfs VendorQA


    some random dude

    Oh no the redskins will win

    Baller_Eli #MJINNOCENT

    game ends 3-3

    Kris Gordon

    @Benick Mbaya Tank Bowl I


Redskins vs patriots game is officially canceled next week 😂

    VA Spike

    These comments got me dead y’all are a damn trip lol


    @Keegan Hottinger no, the giants 😀


    Patriots have the easiest schedule jesus

Bamz Santana

Daniel Jones had his down moments but he kept fighting and that’s what’s up !!!!! You saw that 3rd down conversion

    Mitchell Robingoat

    Paul Barker very true it just happend to josh Allen I knew he was gonna get injured by doing that.

    Sake Bobombs

    Paul Barker agreed, my man needs to slide.

    Jay Black

    D. Jones scares me a bit. He doesn’t slide and he doesn’t dive. He sort of spoons the ball and turns to the side like a projectile. When he gets sandwiched, I cringe. Definitely an adjustment from Eli . . .

    Jay Black

    @skizzery skizzz You’re like me . . . When the rivalry isn’t evenly matched, the excitement starts to waver.
    Maybe next year.
    This is def a division year for the C-Boys . . .

Giants News

Sterling Shepard is so underated

    The Face

    Fr thought he is

    Adam Christmas

    @Lou Gehrig Corrupting? You mean slurping up all the receptions. With Odell there Eli always wanted to get it to him since he was their best player.

    Amazing Guy

    Evan Engram is. He’s a top 5 tight end who hardly gets mentioned.

    Kyle Bryson

    SeeminglyWoke Engram will be a pro bowler this year as long as he stays healthy. Best TE in the NFC right now


LOL, I love how when the Giants fumbled at the goal line and the Redskins got the ball back…… 2 PLAYS LATER, Haskins threw an interception and the Giants returned it for a touchdown.

    Magic Productions

    they were like here i gotchu for two downs we arent stopping you anyway

    Edward White

    I think Dallas is overrated


    Dallas is overrated as hell. They’re only 3-0 because they played against 3 of the worst teams in the NFL. If you had to rank all 32 teams, I GUARANTEE that the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins would all be in the bottom 5.

    jacob bell

    Kube Dog dumb joke. rg3 is way better than haskins cause he fits a scheme


Press F for the Redskin who ran nearly 100 yards for that kick return only to see it overturned due to a penalty lol

    Doug styles

    Kicks have flags like %90 of the time it seems

    Bad JuJu


    MediaTrolling YT


    Purva Lama


    William Knight

    JJ Parber at this point I just don’t doubt Jones in fear he might prove me wrong


Giants played so well but bad at the same time 😂

    charles deyo

    @Spud & Ginger whos on their schedule they can beat?

    Edward White

    @charles deyo Miami, Jets… Redskins


    Jon Mccracken I’m a diehard New York Football Giants fan so I always root for my Giants to win, as should everyone else.

Dropped my Hotpocket

Haskins throwing TD’s to the wrong team😭😭

    Uzzie B

    Rico Suave you’re a moron if that’s what you got from his statement

    Damon Martin


Donkey Dude

Dwayne Haskins first td pass is to Jabrill Peppers

    Grand Wonder

    I thought this Haskins guy is supposed to rescue the Redskins and better than Keenum! Didn’t see one shred of evidence that that is true!

    Tim Luk

    Sweet revenge if you’re a Michigan fan

    Brian James

    Go BiG Blue Univ. Of Michigan 🤑 all the Better that it’s on a Ohio State QB! 🤗😎

    Robert Small

    As a Michigan fan this was so pleasing. Mmmmmmm

    M Yare

    How can you please Qb that never play with the first team.

David Ellis

For The Giants , The Kids Are Allright ! Lots Of Talent , Young Talent ! Nice W ! 💪.

Oladele Olawaiye

Daniel Joooooones like Mike Jones: “back then they didn’t want me now I’m hot they’re all up on me”! “Daniel Joooones”! Lol.

    Whoisjword _

    its now im hot and its they all up on me lol


    How old are u kids??
    “Back then they didn’t want me, now im hot, they all on me” – Mike Jones, 2005


    Back then hoes didn’t want me now I’m hot hoes are up on me

    G Gutierrez


Ricardo Calles

The only way this team will ever be a real contender in the NFL is to get rid of Snyder, Allen, and Gruden.

    Todd Williams

    @Brian Jungen They keep playing like this and 1.8 B will seem like a ripoff

    Lawrence Saavedra

    Ricardo Calles just wait for Alex Smith to be healthy next year

    Robert Hubbard

    Add Peterson, his time has come and gone, bless his heart.

    Brian Jungen

    Todd Williams sadly with revenue sharing, Dan still makes a shitload of money.

    Aizhan Foster

    Agreed. Keenum 1 pick and Haskins 3 picks 0 tds and totaling just 144 passing yards against Giants is a joke. To be honest Gruden probably doesn’t know which quarterback to start every game. He knows his team will lose.



Giants: Be careful what you wish for

    Clint Whatley

    Case interception was After he hit the moron in the hands

    Amazing Guy

    He ain’t Danny Dimes

    Seth Morgan

    Haskins has no help his offensive weapons are trash. AP and Vernon Davis best years are way behind them, his OL can’t pass protect a bar stool if they had too. Defensively they can’t stop the run as you can see they let a backup RB in Gullman just run wild and free on them all day. The entire organization front office is a mess as well and Jay Gruden is not the right coach for this team he sucks he needs to go back to being an OC because he’s not a leader of men more like they are leading him.

    j p

    Actually we need to see if he has it. No way this team is playoff bound, were more top 5 draft bound. And with this draft being loaded with talented QBs we cant afford to miss out. But then again what do i know. Nothing will change until Bruce is gone…

12oclock Quan

Daniel Jones is nice and refreshing but lord knows that boy needs to start sliding.

Jake Sanservino

Dear Danny Dimes,

Sorry for everything I said on draft day 😂

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Noticed you’re a Giants fan so wanted to share my podcast, covering the NY Giants! Please take a listen to my latest reaction on the victory against the Washington Redskins!

    Kaidan Alexander

    @every giants fan 😂

    T2 Smoov

    @Kaidan Alexander naw not me i liked hin since college i was happy that the Giants picked him up

    M M


Brandon Lkhagva

My sunday was going sooo great but Redskins were: “Not soo faaast” 😭

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