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empireone :P

We are now 0-12 in preseason games in the last 12 lol


    empireone πŸ˜› I’m a falcons fan but Keanu Neal is the most dirtiest player I have ever seen in a falcons uniform. Dude always going head hunting. Pisses me off.

    empireone :P

    @Ali idk i like keanu. He needs to start leading with the shoulder, but other than that i like his toughness


    empireone πŸ˜› I don’t like him. He head hunts. He has head hunted players so many times. He is a dirty player

    Pepper 526

    WyattBDV shoulda scored with the ball in ot against rams

Charles Washington

Flowers needs to be on the next flight home and not with the Redskins. That boy sorry.

    da'ved velazquez

    Daddy SmokesYams I agree
    Pass protection up and down
    But the run blocks look good

    Devin H

    yea he is a bum and I hate how he just laughs and smirks when gruden grilling him wtf


    Ha ha ha ha ha you like the tenth person that I don’t know that said the same thing about this player there must be some truth to it


Players of the game. Redskins Punter and Kicker. Way (P) 2 Forced Fumbles. Hopkins (K) 12 points Scored.

    aman k

    GR1M RACER those aren’t forced fumbles those are called muffed punts in the nfl


    @aman k brah take a joke

    Aren T. Shelton. ENT

    GR1M RACER fr tho #HTTR

    murray goodhind

    13 points for Hop
    I think he hit an xtra point too

Charles Washington

Redskins defense is great. Wish Rueben Foster was active!

    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

    Please bro. They’ll get blown out week 1 vs Philly.

    Gregory Lightbody

    @1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! lol ok


    Offense didnt look to shabby if Haskins matures well and they keep a good O line and running game around him I think Washington may have pulled a genius move in the draft

    Beta Lewi

    @1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! you better hope their QB make because Philly looking funny at QB

    Joshua McClellan

    @its hip yep past 2 years they start the season strong look like a pretty good team. Then everybody gets hurt.

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

People are sleeping on these 2 teams.


    as they should

    Benjamin Cross

    Red skins Defense is scary their secondary is good and they have one of the best d lines in the game. They’re unlucky their good line back foster is injured


    @Orly Ray 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    John Covington

    @Orly Ray lol chill

xX_Tyler_X x

Guice lookin sharp πŸ‘€

    John Hernly

    He also is the backup back

    Gregory Lightbody

    @Membersonly 1st team

    Gregory Lightbody

    @John Hernly he the starter

    Noah williams

    Noah Williams yooooo my names noah williams hahahaha


    Gregory Lightbody technically him and AP are both the starters. They’ll split 50/50 and we’ll be on a running attack all year, with Chris Thompson taking his 3rd down role.



    rippetoe 38


    Walter Head

    Good one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Dexter Jones


    Sheldon Mitchell


    Ernesto Uribe

    Yea until Julio and Ridley bring the stickies


Keenum will do just fine.

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Redskins have over 25 guys injured last year for 3 or more games breaking a NFL Record. Now they are healthy they could dominate.

    Evan Sebesta

    @BoggsBonny how much glue did you huff before writing this comment

    Dominant Persona


    Extremely low IQ response… You graduate highschool?


    Dude Keanu Neal is a dirty player. Always head hunting people

    Yoboi Boy

    Charles Washington you should be worried about dallas

Murakami Official

Cam Sims looking good


Anyone else see Dwanye Haskins look hella better this game? His balls were looking crispy going thru the air.

    Gary Smith

    “Hella better” is still 7/13 for 74 yards. LMAO #RiseUp


    @Gary Smith you’re intellectually deficient if you think anyone is looking at numbers in the preseason. Look how comfortable he looked in the pocket and sound his throws were. They were in tight windows. And he did it so effortlessly. Unfortunately his team doesn’t have the greatest WR. So balls are gonna get dropped. But he’s putting them where only his guy can make a play.


    @Stacie45 Rodgers said the same thing. Yet he was still drafted 1st round. And he looks far more promising than Rodgers coming into the league.


    @Stacie45 maybe those teams were making it seem like a done deal with wanting him. I’m sure he was being lead on by all 15 of those teams. Which is quite disrespectful.


    @Ian Jones they’re skills look exactly the same at this time lol


HTTR and good luck to the falcons and their fans this season

Jack Trippin777

What happened to the kickers the past 4 seasons..garbage from the 35 ,30yd line…I’ve never seen it before in league history…it’s like high school / college fg tries are being missed…keenum backup QB, guice healthy is a good thing ..go tigers ,haskins keep it going..


Tavechio needs to go

    shawn pimpin

    @familyman7sf Hopefully your sAints do well?Turn in your Falcons card now

    Cody Paul

    @shawn pimpin AMEN pimpin!!!!!

    izzy sparks

    T Clark $


    Saint are you stupid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I will come back to this comment in December

    lee huh

    Y’all see why the raiders cut.him


Ereck Flowers was the MVP for the Falcons

Charles Washington

Tres Way is the best punter in the NFL , hands down. I just might buy his Jersey.

    tha Bruh from 94

    @GD Ganymed3 yeah so? Net average is a combined effort from punter and team. If someone punts for 40 yards and it’s returned for 25 yards, the net yardage is 15. Tress way has more punts inside the 20. That’s the most important stat for punters.

    GD Ganymed3

    @tha Bruh from 94 a lot of the problem was that the Seahawks drives usually fizzled out near their own 20 so he didn’t have much room to get it inside the opposing 20. He rarely got to punt from anywhere near midfield because Russell Wilson got sacked almost 45 times.

    tha Bruh from 94

    @GD Ganymed3 drives fizzling out is no reason for less punts inside the 20, because the Redskins were the same, but tress way found a way to do it.

    GD Ganymed3

    @tha Bruh from 94 punting from midfield is a little bit easier than punting from your own endzone isn’t it?

    tha Bruh from 94

    @GD Ganymed3 like I said, the Redskins were backed up as well all last season. Especially, when the injuries started. Btw, ask any punter and they’ll say it’s harder to punt from midfield because you have to worry about the touchback. Why do you think teams take delay of game penalties on 4th down at midfield before they punt? It’s to give the punter more room, for that reason.

Darien Pennyman

Falcons need to call matt bryant backπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Justin Melton

    Yes we do

    Johnny Cham

    I can see that, lol. DQ is like, damn this i,talian kicker. πŸ€”


    Matt Bryant left in bad terms with the falcons idk why.

    Charles Robinson

    Ali no he didn’t, stop the lies


    Charles Robinson dude go read the reports instead of accusing me of lying


Redskins might surprise me this year! Case Keenum looks above average, solid defense backup QB Haskins ready to hold clipboard until Keenum…….8-8 or 9-7 here we come!! HTTR

Nyquill Jornan

Tavecchio is outta here after preseason ends. We gotta resign Matt Bryant.


    Or atleast let our punter kick fgs. He use to kick the 50 plus yarders


    So will Matt Bryant prevent them from Goin 6-10?…

    Mason Engebretson

    Ahmad2423 no chance falcons go 6-10

    Bean Talk

    @kendricksherrodsmith let sanu kick themπŸ˜‚

Roderick Harper

I’m a Redskins fan and if they can stay healthy they are 2-3 years away from being super bowl contenders. Keep this core together and Dwayne Haskins progressing

    Randy Summers

    Roderick Harper if the skins have a subpar year and fire Jay. Haskins going to have to learn another offense which will set him back.

    Steffen Samlal

    Well do us a favor and win that division this year please so I can laugh at Dallas and philly

    Yoboi Boy

    Steffen Samlal I promise you Washington won’t be better than either

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