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Josue Tejada

I knew when the Redskins were up 17-0 that it was too good to be true

    Brendan Chwascinski

    Tony Romo gets back up like Dak does Dak reminds me of Tony Romo he never gives up he wants his team to win and he knows he’s the one helping them out

    Brendan Chwascinski

    Dak is a tough quarterback not afraid to get tackled but he knows he needs to be careful not to get injured sometimes Dak scares me Tony Romo he was fast when he ran he even wasn’t afaid how do we getthose type of quarterbacks that say well I running for 1st down I’m not far and they do it and get a first down daks going to be having a good year all I can do is hope my team stays healthy

    Reckless King

    Brendan Chwascinski bruh. Go to a cowboys comment section wit all dat shii

    Brendan Chwascinski

    @Reckless King my oppion


they had us in the first half. not gonna lie.

    Dr. Bombay

    I was a little worried at halftime, too…but then I reminded myself that we were playing the Redskins…and that Case Keenum sucks…

    Ankle Pick


    Raymundo Perez


    Lionel Thomas

    Cine_Matic under Gruden we can never play a complete game

    Warren Pellacani

    Big facts

Kyng Beast

Bro skins be making themselves lose 😑

    King Ditto

    Just like my panthers

    Tom D

    @Justin credible no they didnt, they have a trash d cord and scheme that gave up the game easily and ended any promising second half drive with penalties. They came away from the passing game which sliced through the eagles in the first half and tried to run the ball against a stout d at home. it was bad decision making and stupid mistakes. you don’t go up 17-0 and “get beat by a better team” they collapsed plain and simple.

    Justin credible

    @Tom D 2019 Eagles are looking alot like 2017 Eagles. Watch out NFL.

    chris madsen

    @Justin credible both team sucks tho


    Justin credible naw we beat ourselves missed opportunities and big time penalties. Jay inept ability to play to win a game instead trying not to lose

Loyal Philly fan

Carson Wentz looked so great today.

    Andrice Parker

    Brent Dial he’s a cowboy fan, no need in trying to make them understand any different. If they want to believe dak is better than wentz fine but only people who support the cowboys think that lol

    Evan S.

    @Andrice Parker bro i never said the giants were good

    Miguel Janerios

    @Crobin008 Mills is probably better than Douglas, even if it is just his extra experience so far that gives him the edge.

    lil layzie93

    He looked average

    Johnny Bolton

    If they don’t get the


Halftime: Exists

The Redskins: ight imma head out

    Renaldy Calixte

    @about 99 ninjas Redskins and Underachievement cough cough I meant Beauty and the Beast.


    Will Horton right?!?! Let’s see how they handle a real team.

808 Industries

The eagles can thank EDP’s halftime rant for the win

    Dawson Garret

    EDP is a joke


    g henry A black guy

Yeng Vang

Vernon Davis hurdles is scary and amazing at the same time. He still got it


    Sendejo should’ve realized he wasn’t on Minnesota anymore. He played Davis so badly wow. Mis tackles also. But was good individual effort by Davis.

    Subhash Unnam

    Its more on Bad D that play


    @PeeyanoKeys Remember when he got trucked by Blount.

    Marlene GB

    @Martin Borgonia The only thing worse than the Redskins losing, was the Cowgirls winning


now I know what its like to comeback from 17-0 *vietnam like flashbacks from the panthers game*

    Jared Frahm

    I said it when we went up 17-0. Its going to be the same thing


    c0oked If you weren’t a bandwagon like everyone else you’d remember Nick Foles’s 2013 season 0-17 to 34-17 against the Jags

    Bill Thomas

    Were you not a fan 9 years ago for Miracle @ The New Meadlowlands?


    @Exyll I’m not a bandwagon lol. I got into football a few years ago. I just said the most recent example that came into my head.

    Amari Smith

    c0oked same bro that’s all I was thinking about 😂😂

Inzaman Hanif

they really need to give jordan howard more touches tho…

    Ian Jackson

    Really gotta find a way to effectively split touches between Howard and Sanders.. all of a sudden Philly has a lot of talent in the backfield.


    Howard’s gonna get a lot of touches soon. This is only week 1 and they’re evaluating all the RBs. They gotta give the rookie some touches if he’s gonna be the future of the franchise, and Sproles may very well be playing his final season.


    @daryl banks STFU HOE 🤡🤡🤡

    daryl banks

    @zaneomack1 🖕😂

    Heir Fang

    The way he moves is so natural he looks like a 3 down back. I’d take him over sprites but don’t sleep on miles another shift Penn state boy

Adrian Philip

Glad to see DJack back in philly wearing #10

The Nobody Channel

Wentz to Jackson about to be legendary 🔥


    They depended heavily on Sproles when it was tough. Why it was good he started to find the receivers.

    Shay Pewe

    Just wait one if not both of them will get hurt in a week or two…

    Shay Pewe

    @Ian Malcolm one good year that he didn’t even finish
    All eagles fans “Oh he’s one of the best in the league ”
    Get over yourselves.

    Justin credible

    Everybody is waiting for Wentz or Jackson to get hurt. Even a lot of Eagles fans worried about it. But if Wentz can consistently get the ball out quickly. I had give Jackson a break often and use the other weapons. They may last through the season

    Jon Esco

    Desean Jackson should been ejected from the game form the fight

Ry Dude

Jackson was the best player in this game along with Jeffery.

    Henry Lombardi

    What about Wentz


    Walk It To Him, did HIS thing….

    Ry Dude

    @Henry Lombardi Oh, well I meant by catches, but Wentz was the best overall.

rali shafyor

Eagles in the second quarter:
Oh wait the preseason is over?!?!?

    The Goat

    @Eagle40 Schwartz Defense kept us in multiple games last season and the playoff game against the Falcons, If you wanna be serious it wasnt the defense that let us down in 2018 it was the offense


    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bruh

    Erin's Voice 2017

    But just let’s go eagles

    Ian Jackson

    @Eagle40 I agree


    @The Goat ….. We are both avid Eagles fans and on the same side. However, I have to disagree with you about last year and the overall performance with Schwartz’s defense.

    Last year was a wash from the beginning due to so many injuries and key suspensions. Also, the Eagles had a Super Bowl hangover and were flat for most of the first half of the season. I think they woke up this year.

    However, if you look back at 2017 the Eagle’s defense gave up a lot of points. It was the offense that scored an insane amount of points and yardage.

    During that Super Bowl in 2017 the Eagle’s offense won that game. The defense gave up 620 yards passing which is quite frankly awful. Schwartz was playing soft the whole game.

    Yes, last year the defense saved some games but looking at the overall performance Schwartz has given up a lot of yardage and points which could have been wins.

    Looking at New England over the weekend they look really good. I hate to admit because I’m so tired of Brady but my God at 42 years old he looks better than most 25 year olds out there. Plus NE got younger and better.

    I can tell you if we were to play NE Schwartz cannot play soft or Brady would pick him apart again.

    However, I think the Eagles have a great shot at going to the SB again. Let us all hope Schwartz blitzs and plays more up front. Run defense looks good and am not worried about that issue.


We all know what happens when case keenum scores first against the eagles

    Brian Park

    @hamhockbeans almost..keenum prolly had a quick flash when darby nearly picked him off lmaoo

    william walker

    @Mike G Keenum did nothing once the run was shut down and pressure was put on him, pretty much after defense knocked the rust off, his last td was garbage time run the clock

    Joshua D


    Jauqane Powell


    Rocky Major

    I bet he was having flash backs


Man lemme tell you sum, that miles sanders looks like he gon be a big problem. Fly eagles fly

    Fire Dolphin


    Joseph Walker

    Dude I know!!! He’s going to be a problem for a lot of teams

    Ricky Hadou

    I mean he was playing behind Saquan back at Penn State so I’d imagine he’s got a lot to show.


    Joseph Walker right?!?! The way Sanders was playing in that game…dude looked like a seasoned pro.


That’s a nice lead you got there coach, would be a SHAME if you were to lose it!

    Alex Dewayne

    Lol. I forgot where that came from


    @Alex Dewayne Chiseled Adonis

    Ultimate Memes' Gaming

    COOOOOAAAAACCCHHHH! Put your head back down


Rasul Douglas needs to be a safety, he’s too damn slow to be playing outside


    Osi Mahino but we got Drek back there now and if Keenum can light up that secondary what do we think Brady, Rogers and Wilson are gonna do when they get their shot? I’ll take a track star at this point


    Josh Norman has entered the chat


    @SayDat Quan darby is our best chance, i would say maddox but hes too short…they should draft a big #1 type corner so they can finally get rid of mills

    Mitchell Cowan

    I thought he was a safety

Elonjoan Williams

It’s so nice seeing Desean Jackson back in an Eagles Jersey 🔥


    I have d-Jax on Fantasy

    Mr. Carguy

    @richard escobar he’s back now! And they are DANGEROUS! Cuz Carson can throw a deep ball!!

    Subhash Unnam

    True That

    RJ packs123

    Just got me a Djax Jersey to celebrate. Literally the only one I ever got

    Dawson Garret

    Like, Jackson actually finally having someone to throw him the ball. If he would of been with the eagles the last few years… Already would be HOF




    @Tommy Wynn they’re going to use him later and not ware him out yet

    Grumpy Cat

    @Tommy Wynn Howie obviously only got him for leverage in a Melvin Gordon trade

    Dark Yeet20

    emerald88106 if it works I wouldn’t change it, but the sudden it doesn’t I’d give Howard and Sanders the ball

    Ian Jackson

    @angel calderon What made Blount great for us is that he was a monster blocker. That’s how he contributed on pass plays.

    Howard can block, just needs to do it more.


Terry McLaurin was an absolute steal for the Redskins. He’s gonna be really good.

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