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Evil Duck Reply

Redskins won the game but the Dolphins won the Tank Bowl

    Elias Contreras Reply

    Bengals: Not so fast

    Swift Bastard Reply

    @Finley Jeanbatiste if we get tua I’m gonna start going to away games again idec

    Finley Jeanbatiste Reply

    @Swift Bastard same

    DumpsterFood Reply


    Charles Washington Reply

    Doesn’t matter no one can predict who going to be good in the draft. We got a W and that’s all that matters. HTTR

Fingering Things Reply

Fitzmagic: “Let’s go win a football game.”

Dolphins Management: “Nah.”

    Waves _ Reply

    LMFAOO, “Lets take a risky 2-pointer, instead of having a chance in OverTime”

    America Reigns Reply


    WarriorAngel001 Reply

    You spelled Fitzception wrong…

    Kenneth Perkins Reply

    Five bucks Flores told Drake to drop the pass intentionally.

    Christian Adjevi Reply


Please Send Help Reply

Biggest Meme game of the season

    Magnus Reply

    F I T Z M A G I C

    James Ricker Reply

    Not just failing to get the two to win the game but dropping the ball. That is the most Miami thing this season

    Tristan Smith Reply

    Bengals and Dolphins play in week 16. There’s still time for a super tank bowl.

    Edward Callaghan Reply

    So far

Fingering Things Reply

People thought the Dolphins were going for 2, but really they were going for #1

    Town Bidnezz Reply

    Fingering Things 😂

    Joe Reply

    Tua will fail with Miami and have a short career.

    Samuel Hardy Reply

    they went for Tua

Steven Nacino Reply

Can we present THE 2019 TANK BOWL

    MafiaboysWorld Reply

    Tank Bowl 1 successful.
    Can’t wait until Dolphins vs Steelers. Which 1st round pick is moving up? The Dolphins pick, or the Steelers pick that they gave to the Dolphins? 😂🤣

    FlinchDukeMercy Reply

    MafiaboysWorld there’s just so many layers he can put in this year. I don’t want the players to suffer but it’s just too entertaining

    America Reigns Reply

    2019 TOILET TANK BOWL💩💩💩💩

    WarriorAngel001 Reply

    This is tank bowl 2. The first one was last week’s Cardinals

    james carpenter Reply

    @WarriorAngel001 i think we got 2 tank bowls this week atlanta and arizona nd then this game

RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply

*dolphins: tryna tie this tankbowl*

*dolphins coach: nah i’ll pass*

    Lexington Leffall Reply

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound that’s what ur supposed to do in a tank bowl.

    Dell Lowery Reply


    EpicFaze Reply

    fr should have tried to tie

    Akasuki Rza Reply

    You remind me of superbowl 51… I remember you rg3 <3

Malik Lander Reply

The Dolphins are your 2019 Tank Bowl Champions

    Town Bidnezz Reply

    Not yet!! They still have to play against the bengals 😂

    Romi Arkan Reply

    If records hold, the game against the Bengals will be the Tank Bowl championship game. This is just the beginning. A few teams look to enter the tanking conversation too, like the Falcons.

    America Reigns Reply


    james carpenter Reply

    @Romi Arkan the falcons cards game was a tank bowl

OMG It's Devernair Reply

Dolphins Fans: We might just actually win this!

Dolphins Staff: Aite Imma head out

    Meme Lord Ant Reply

    Hell Nah, I was hoping we screwed up the 2 point conversion

    Adam M Reply

    Dead meme

    Sonico Animation Reply

    Flores: Hey Ryan, I didn’t actually expect you to throw a touchdown pass. I know you’re good so we’re gonna win this game right here with a point conversion.
    Also Flores: Drake, drop this screen pass.

    OMG It's Devernair Reply

    @Sonico Animation 😭😭😭😭😭

    Light Yagami Reply

    @Sonico Animation lmao it really be like that 😂😂😂

6BasedPump9 Reply

And with that, the Miami Dolphins win the 2019 Tank Bowl

    Mr.natural Reply

    Broncos4life 😂😂😂

    Evil Maddox Reply

    Broncos4Life 😂

    Evil Maddox Reply

    If you’re tanking a loss is a win

    LifeIsGood Reply

    @Broncos4life dude neither team is tanking…both of them just flat out suck lol…if the dolphins were really tanking they wouldve left rosen in the game..

    Colin Stapleton Reply

    @El3PH4NTE M4N to win a tank bowl (thus tank harder for a better draft pick) is to lose

Dashinn Reply

5:10 LMAO the announcer “The Dolphins with their first points of their second half this season” Had me dying

    Ferbeljag 16 Reply

    And the crowd goes absolutely nuts

    Xtc X Reply


    Steven P Reply

    the play-by-play guy sounded like he had to get drunk to sit through this game.

    Jorge Gaytan Reply

    @Steven P can’t blame him 🤣🤣👍

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply


Please Send Help Reply

Redskins: Here you can have the win.

Dolphins: no u

Redskins: no u

Dolphins: welp, too late

    Sean Wilson Reply


    Bruinsfan 28 Reply

    Lol, HTTR Reply


    matt0011 Reply

    This made my night lmao

David O Reply

The title should read:
Redskins vs Dolphins Lowlights

    Waves _ Reply

    Lmfao, but it was actually a pretty good game, could’ve been better if the dolphins decided to tie it.

    sam21skin Reply

    Terry McLaurin is a highlight reel whatchu talkin bout

    Colin Stapleton Reply

    Deadskins vs Lolphins Tank Bowl

Aaron Laughlin Reply

“First points of the second half”
Me:Oh cool
“*this season*”

    Seb Joseph Reply

    Omg lol.. we ALL thought the same thing! How cute

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply

    Your profile pic matches that statement very well

    Waves _ Reply

    I literally said out loud, “Thats So Sad’ when i heard that

    salmanjets718 Reply

    Aaron Laughlin somebody timestamp that lol

    salmanjets718 Reply


Yaboi Daviel Reply

Here we present, THE 2019 TANK BOWL

Elf of Courage Reply

2017 Browns: No one could have a worse 0-16 season than we did.
2019 Dolphins: We might need you to hold our beer later.

    Wilma Baird Reply

    2007 Detroit Lions have entered the chat

    spiced Reply

    1976 Bucs have entered the chat

    Mike Suzio Reply

    2019 Bengals have entered the chat

    Elf of Courage Reply

    @Mike Suzio maybe

    Elf of Courage Reply

    @Wilma Baird actually, it was the 2008 Lions.

Hard Work1994 Reply

“First points in the second half all season”
Oh my god that’s historically pathetic

    david sanders Reply

    I wish Tony Romo would have been on the mic for this game

    America Reigns Reply


    Edward Rueter Reply

    It’s crazy, but when the Ravens won the Super Bowl years ago, they had a stretch where they didnt score an offensive touchdown for 5 weeks! And their D was so good, if I’m not mistaken, they won 4 of those games. This team of course is not the same haha.

    TheRealRhino Reply

    Straight greatness

Sanjay Jones Reply

Final play was like
“oops the ball slipped on accident”

    sam21skin Reply

    Pretty fishy

    Throatwobbler Mangrove Reply

    @sam21skin Fishy? Dolphins?! I see what ya did there.

MonkMan 32 Reply

The dolphins coming back, but realizing, “oh we’re tanking”

Luke Haberman Reply

Normal highlight video: 11+ minutes

Toilet bowl: 7 minutes

    Colin Stapleton Reply

    Tank bowl*

PoonDestruction Reply

“with their first points of the second half”
“……..this season.” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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