Redskins vs. Browns Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Escocivo 30 Reply

The Browns have lots of great depth on their backups. Can’t wait to see them in the regular season.

    Wish I Was Sleeping Reply

    @Vision L those backups were playing other backups. Not nearly the same thing as playing a team of starters. You also didn’t dispute anything I said.

    Victor Lott Reply

    heights163 😂😂hell yuh

    Victor Lott Reply

    BOYCETOWNMUSIC Produce by @TROYKEEPITREAL right😂😂 everybody hyping them up from training camp going against each other. Dudes already saying baker and Odell the best duo and all they did was practice together

    Jeremiah Yoder Reply


    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Killxr Reply


    Fite-4-Ever Reply

    Not even a browns fan but i couldn’t agree more

    Hey Boi Reply

    sneakerheadjays yeah he faked

    Hey Boi Reply

    sneakerheadjays he faked and said that the coaching staff was letting him practice


    Yeah, he has a great story and I hope he does well this season.

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Son Huynh Reply

I know it’s the preseason but damn the browns are dangerous

    Tre Davis Reply

    @Chuck Anya You still on that “they’re still the browns” thing? I could’ve sworn that they evolved into a better team, results from last year and this year to come

    SilentOne Reply

    They are just playing against a weak team that has QBs that throw to the opposite team.

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

    Mikehunt Reply

    Cooper Hunt haha nice joke

    iiRazor Reply


Daniel McMaster Reply

I’m upset that they missed the call on Callaway’s tip drill in the end zone. He had control of the ball, tapped both toes, and had a knee come down in bounds.

    casper191985 Reply

    how do you know he tapped his toes? did you see his toes?

    JoshuaM Reply

    it’s preseason, it’s fine

    William Clark Reply

    Whatever suck it

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

D Mad Reply

baker to higgins! get used to it this season!

    Kevin Prima Reply

    If the Browns can get Baker, OBJ, and Hunt all rollin’ fast outta the gate — I can see a Cleveland-KC championship game in January

    Wolves Fan since 2017 Reply

    Kevin Prima to bad he won’t play until week 9

    The Day Reply

    Kevin Prima I think it’ll be Patriots vs Browns

    ItzSidewayz Reply

    @The Day Callaway just got a four game suspension may have lost his roster spot

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

KTO Reply

Mack Wilson was a STEAL

    Tim Byrd aka that one Bama fan and skins fan Reply

    Im a bama and a skin’s fan I’m not even mad

    Tim Byrd aka that one Bama fan and skins fan Reply

    Hi kto

    49erfaithful Reply



    No doubt🥴

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

KeepingItReal Reply

I know it was one drive in the preseason and they ran the 2 min offense but that was a beautifully executed drive for the browns. That baker TD pass was sharp. Props to him.

    michael dougherty Reply

    They did it so he could practice 2 minute drill. Especially when he was only getting 1 series.

    Guts Reply

    @Chepry How many starting Browns WR’s were out there?

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

HumanMechanism Reply

9:40 “So the youngster showing that he can… fall out of trees, we know that”. Lmao, that is kinda how his scamper looked.

    E1iteChaos Reply

    HumanMechanism I heard that too 😂😂

    Dunkaccino25 Reply

    I was about to comment the same thing lmaoooo. These highlights are gold mines sometimes.

    packlesswolf1 Reply

    That boy ain’t too smart but hes sure good at football – Random Imbred Farmer.

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS Reply

Mack Wilson is a real life madden user out there

    tkgrant7 Reply

    I half expected the the play to freeze and the screen to flip 🤣

    Venture Ads Reply

    Yeah but yall madden players never put him in because yall don’t know about him

    Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS Reply

    Venture Ads he was my LB #2 in 19 after his draft card came out. He was nasty with the speed and catching boosts

    Venture Ads Reply

    @Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS oh ok lol well you know about him but a lot of others don’t that play madden, i always see joe schobert & christian kirksey im like dude put Mack Wilson & Sione Takitaki in

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Chris Brant Reply

9:40 “the youngster showing that he can..fall outta trees!” ROFL good timing

    Jacques Bullock Reply

    I was wondering if anyone caught that!!
    That was good audio!! 😂😂😂

    Savage Patch Reply

    I came across this comment just as he said it too. Good timing indeed

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Quentin Gray Reply

If Mack Wilson keeps playing like this We are going to start him week 1

    Clipschip2020 Reply

    If we said “we” from 99 to now then we damn sure can say “we” whenever the funk we want. Nobody cared when it was a 4 and 12 season. Get over yourselves you anti “we” clowns.

    Jason Godfrey Reply

    @Tristan Kali except schobert is a top 3 coverage LB so you dont trade him

    Juggy Buggy Reply

    A. K. stfu

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Amir Renwick Reply

Who eles thought kenum was Kirk cousins

    Eeds Ssxv Reply

    Kirk Cousins is no longer on the Redskins team. He got traded in 2018.

    Josiah DePaso Reply

    You did.. you thought Keenum was Kirk cousins. 🤦‍♂️

    Pumpin George Reply

    I thought Haskins look more like Geno Smith

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Aaron Ax Reply


Mack Wilson is the reason Madden linebackers can jump 20 yards in the air for interceptions.

    thamonkaface999 Reply

    Not anymore in Madden 20

cody Cyenn Reply

Always been a fan of case keenum. Good guy there.

    Kaleon Mooney Reply

    But sucky team

nazmo Reply

Damn maybe madden wasn’t so wrong about the fumbles

    Taylor Wilcox Reply

    My exact thought. In All these preseason games I’ve watched dudes are coughing it up left an right lol

    Brandeto Reply

    Kidskin 21 we play online bruh

    Kidskin 21 Reply

    @Brandeto protect the ball then

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Surya Kumar Reply

sheehy guiseppi !! you deserve it bro !
much love & respect .. Go Browns!

    Oscar Moguel O.G. Reply

    Surya Kumar I came here specifically to watch out for Guiseppi

    SolidSnake610 Reply

    Oscar Moguel O.G. Rs

    That Karma Reply

    With the way the redskins handled their formation literally made that easy. Just needed speed .

    ThA MAN C MAcK Reply

    F yea dude. That was the top Hilight.
    That was hella dope.

Owen Connelly Reply

Browns 2016 starting lineup is just their 2019 backups lmao

    Keith Jackson Reply


    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Ahmad2423 Reply

Congratulations Cleveland Y’ALL finally have a franchise QB.

    Kaleon Mooney Reply

    @Ahmad2423 coming from a Oakland Fan

    Alex Presser Reply

    @Kaleon Mooney i hope so

    Victor Lott Reply

    I felt that same with us Texans

    Eagle_ fan101 Reply

    Nafiul Akbar I mean Ravens look impressive

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

King Savage Reply

Baker Mayfield changed the culture in Cleveland already shoutout to him💯

    AClass Reply

    @Marques Williams right. Baker just was a great addition to the change

    Talkin' & Grubbin' Media Reply

    @bob johnson Typical NFL fan hate. If this roster and coach were on any other team in the NFL, you would give them a lot of love.

    Vinh Nguyen Reply

    @Talkin’ & Grubbin’ Media I don’t think it’s typical fan hate, I think it’s just plain ole Browns pessimism.

    Tom Cooper Reply

    Jarvis who? Landry coming in when the starting QB was injured was the Genesis of the Browns. Before that was Void.

    Juan Cortez Muro Reply

    These Fails🤣

Mike Curtis Reply

Greetings from Thailand and thank you for posting. Congratulations to the Browns and best of luck in the upcoming season!

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