Redskins Tipped INT Sets Up AP Touchdown! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Philly Prince

That’s surely welcomed.

U done messed up A-Aron

And he passed Jim Browns TD count 👏

Freddy Aguilar

Good stuff AP! You are a legend and future hall of famer. As an eagles fan I’ve always had respect for you!

Ty Verlaine

Dak shouldve scrambled to his right that play. He had a first down.

    King Baldwin IV

    Naw, they should of let Zek run that one, 3rd and 1.

    Felix Chavarria

    3rd n 1 plus you have the best offensive line in football, you run the ball


AP ageless


AP is the TRUTH

Josh Burton

Wish we would’ve had AP playing last weekend.

    Brandon Wright


    The Greatest

    You guys would have won


    @The Greatest stop lying to them. Jay Gruden beating Doug Pederson?? Lol no. They’d still lose.

Gavin Larson

Hi, I started YouTube a few months ago and I doubt anyone will see this but I was hoping that I could have some support? Please just give it A Chance!

    green bean13


King Emperor

Get rid of the coach redskins!

    J Z


    Robert Suggs

    Yeah…I agree. 5 yrs ago though….

M&P Shield

Never had a team that lets me down more than the Redskins do! Our secondary SUCKS!

    Blaq Rebel

    Nah it’s just Norman that’s trash…and the referees are always out to get us.

    J Z

    Idk why he’s playing so far off he used to be rite up challenging the receiver


    Norman needs to go!

    J Z


    J Z

    Maybe that’s what he’s trying to do

Texan Football Houston

Man the right there by the touchdown you you saw number 82 #5-yard out the quarterback was just looking at him should have broke on that.

Logan Paul

Showing all the redskin highlights even tho the boys got this game 😂


    Logan Paul 💯💯💯 we finally woke up

Shawon Marshman

Dallas WRs running a train on Josh Norman. Unprotected

    Shae Norris

    🤣🤣🤣 Pause



    shrek x phiona



Me: Uno reverse card
Redskins: 0-7
Cowboys: Hold my beer
Me: Cowboys 35-7

    Isaiah Saw

    So true!!


Nicholson would make a great running back

Nely Lambrecht

And the rest will be field goals

jerry yarborough

The whole game has gone on and the Redskins are losing and this is the only highlight they got

Always Me

Cowboys are the best team

    steven ginissa torres

    No the new England patriots are we comin for everyone jus watch

    Dominique contee

    @steven ginissa torres Bandwagon

    steven ginissa torres

    My whole family patsfans never could be a fake fan born n raised in new England patriots 4 life

Doward Washington

I’ve been saying this for years. I think they should rename that something else. To me an interception is when the defender catches the ball clean. I don’t think fluke plays like that should count against a quarterbacks stats.

Kenneth Ware

Monte and Moreland are the only people that show up in the skins secondary

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