Redskins Park Drive: Adrian Peterson – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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big x gaming Reply


Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Redskin fans, are you going to destroy the Eagles?

    itsajbird Reply

    The O line is going to be a problem against the Eagles… I say it’s a 23-13 loss..

    Chris Reply

    @itsajbird lmao you think carson wentz is putting 20+ on THAT defesne? LMAO

    da'ved velazquez Reply

    I hate the eagles

    da'ved velazquez Reply

    And u think eagles Ol won’t be full lol

    sam21skin Reply

    Glad to see the fans are enthusiastic but it would be stupid to put money down on the redskins to win this week.

Nomaan Qureshi Reply

AP gonna go crazy when Guice takes all the carries.

    joseph stallings Reply

    Naw 60/40 DG/AD

    Upside down Reply

    Why ? Takes hits off him literally

    Nomaan Qureshi Reply

    @Upside down He wants to be the lead back. He is Alpha just like Guice. He dont like to take a back seat.

Most-MH-Hated Reply

He did PP dirty in that play 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    EldestTheGreat Reply

    Broke his ankles and then gave him the shoulder. Lol. AP a grown man out there.

    Most-MH-Hated Reply

    Mannnn! 🤘🏾✝️✝️®️

Neal M Reply

I wish him the best, on and off the field. I hope he can resolve the financial problems, so he can enjoy his retirement when he is done with football. HTTR!

Upside down Reply

Only thing I don’t like about AP having the back up role is that it will be so obvious when he comes into the game.

Joseph Sayers Reply

What happens when he loses to his kids 💀

    Wut Reply

    Joseph Sayers
    Cmon bro 😂 that’s messed up

    Joseph Sayers Reply

    @Wut I knew someone would get it 😂

M V Reply

Didn’t expect AP to take someone’s life @ 2:00. That had to be the moment when Patrick Peterson knew he had to take PED’s.

da'ved velazquez Reply

He’s such a legend

Nkosi Rooms Reply

He is only going to get half the carries this year hope he can be ok with that.

Get Sum Chicken Reply

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Thomas Johnston Reply

I say give him the bulk of the carries since he’s on the team, Guice is young, he’ll be aight! Stay healthy AP, get your finances right….God Bless and good luck…much respect!

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Caps Fan Reply

I hope he is active.

Vern Stewart Reply

The team needed you badly today AP! 💯 No doubt. 💪🏾

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