Redskins 365 S1 Ep10: Another Division Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Should of won this game #FIREGRUDEN

    Dominik Wilson

    honestly that game wasn’t grudens fault. 5 of the first 10 plays in the 2nd half were penalties on the o line. They drew up big plays but case couldn’t connect on the big one, and next play paul drops an easy 1st down.


    It’s hilarious that after all these years some fans still think it’s the coach. I’m sure it’s music to Dan Snyder’s ears whenever fans blame his coaches or minions.

Joe Franco

Gruden and Manusky gotta go ….HTTR

    Cameron Davidson

    And Allen

Javi Bustos

Fire Gruden! Fire Manusky! Fire Bruce Allen!

PG Juju

Damn the back end of the video! Do Gruden have a crush on the Cryboys 😂😂😂 geesh! I would’ve simply said they’re OK


    PG Juju thought i was trippin

    PG Juju

    Bighomiejugg 😂😂😂 hell nah. We got our senses

Cameron Davidson

Fire gruden and manusky and Bruce Allen #HTTR

69420EpicMinecrafterGamer ,

Fire Gruden M8, They dont Understand Gruden is a terrible coach.

Chess Expert Chaney

Maybe that’s the true reason for Trent not returning jay gruden and the D.C. Also??


A coach that makes little to no halftime adjustments shouldn’t be a nfl coach

    Andrew Meza

    what are halftime adjustments, explain to me exactly what those are


    Andrew Meza so like if you’re team is winning by 20 points at halftime, coaches will have to make game plan adjustments and try to change the game for better or for worse

    Anthony George II

    AMEN yeah that’s the first thing I was saying when I was watching the eagles game slip away after halftime…. I was pissed. same old skins coaching!


#FireJayGurden & #BurceAllen 🗣💯 !!!

Caps Fan

Why are you not showing press conferences of the coaches anymore? Are you doing this to limit how many fans see how bad the team is looking. From seeing what I have seen from other outlets, I notice how snarky Gruden seems lately. Are you trying to hide that?


    They know we want Gruden fired that’s why. He sucks. He’s let go Morris after 1 bad season, should’ve never let go Garcon and Jackson. Didn’t know who he wanted his QB to be. The man went game by game RG3 no Cousins no it’s RG3 no it’s cousins no it’s McCoy. Now he hear he didn’t play AP cause he wanted to cut him😠😠😠😠he wanted to cut a man who went for over 1,000 yards last year and the young guy guice is hurt again. How dumb Gruden looks man.


Dan Snyder, you are easily the worst thing ever to happen to DC sports. The best thing you could ever do is sell the damn team already. Not even Belichick can win under your dark, dysfunctional cloud.

Anthony George II

Hey Fire Gruden and Menusky! !!!


if you not gonna do anything else, just beat Dallas. that is our Super Bowl these days. beat Dallas.

Monkey D. Zoro

*…….We get no props for how we always compete. Some minor tweaks and we making a run*


Fire Gruden

Jarod Elliot

As much as I’ve believed in Gruden, there was absolutely no halftime adjustments. They came out with a lead and didn’t do anything to hold it.

Dorcas Wiredu

Tell Gruden to learn how to adjust no hate tho…


Vernon Davis top 10 TE.


Just Silence them idc if it’s close or by a lot just BEAT THEM #BEATDALLS!!!!

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