Recapping the Falcons Loss & Previewing the Lions | Eagle Eye in the Sky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Recapping the Falcons Loss & Previewing the Lions | Eagle Eye in the Sky

Fran Duffy and Greg Cosell sit down to review their notes on the Philadelphia Eagles and their tough loss on the road to the Atlanta Falcons before diving into this weekend's matchup against the Detroit Lions on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

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aidan l


doug smith

Wentz 6-17 vs teams over 500 wentz zero playoff wins foles 10-2 vs teams over 500 tons of playoff wins . Like I said before the season eagles at best will get bounced in first or second round wentz is not a winner

    FlipTop HipHop

    Did ya watch the game?? Wentz had the game won twice and was let down by teammates.

    neil u

    @FlipTop HipHop imagine if they didnt fake playing bad for every first half

    neil u

    its just since OC Reich isnt here .

doug smith

please get rid of the ugly pimple face losing player carson wentz

matt faraj

This way better than any detroit media video

    Justin Benacquisto

    That’s not true and you know it.

    One of the producers won and Emmy for the Under The Helmet series last year. And they consistently put out quality interviews and videos weekly.

    That being said, I would love to see a segment in this format with Tim and Mike. These two guys are very knowledgeable and have great chemistry

    matt faraj

    Justin Benacquisto I’m talking in terms of knowledge of the opposing team.. also our own people have been too close for too long and don’t even realize their bias in some aspects

    matt faraj

    Justin Benacquisto go listen to the difference in questions between both head coaches pressers..

FlipTop HipHop

I was there for the game and after all that happened and how close it was you still had idiot Falcon fans telling us that we suck haha you played our second string offense. 1-1.

    neil u

    thinkin our ‘slow starts’ r just games being fixed bc its been lame 1st halfs for last 18 games now…hmmmm

neil u

Detroit Lions called and asked for Groh to send them Dougs 1st half gameplan so they can look better, er “slow start” the eagles, just like redskins and falcons and the other last 16 games prior!

William F. Buckley Jr

So Nick Foles, Andy Reid, and Donovan McNabb walk into a bar……..and, GO!!

John Lancaster

Jim Schwartz needs to teach tackling technique to these defensive backs. There is no excuse for the Falcons last touchdown. Nobody had a good angle on Jones and he was able to score easily. Sidney Jones seems to be the only one playing well back there. Even on screen passes the first back always misses the tackle for a big play. This team needs to have more attitude. Every time they play on the road they act like they’re supposed to lose. This has nothing to do with injured offense. Defense needs to step up and win some of these games!

drealmerz7 z

does Fran ever think they don’t have a great show for us?


Lions fan – keep up the good work. This is awesome

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