Recapping Round 1 and Washington’s Selection of Kentucky LB Jamin Davis | NFL Draft Week 2021 LIVE – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Washington Sideline

Julie drunk af.


    Yeah right she’s far from it.

    Drew D

    She sounds sick 😂


    Probably sick but yea she does seem a little out of it

    Daniel Tayong

    That’s just her voice

Eli Carson

Dare I say 85 bears, 2000 raven’s



Austin A

Thank you for covering the draft and commentating. Let’s go Jamin Davis


We picked a guy in the 1st round that we could absolutely find in the 2nd round. It fits our system but it’s not the smartest business move. Right pick, wrong place. We missed on a chance to pick up Kadarius Toney, Caleb Farley, Derrisaw or

    brian avila

    Jamin Davis would 💯 NOT have been available in the 2nd rd but…

    He could of been available later in the 1st rd. WFT could of traded back and still drafted Jamin Davis.

    Vikings traded down 9 picks and still got their guy, Darrisaw. WFT could of done something similar… traded back, get more picks and still gotten their guy.

    Calvin Crim

    You’re putting to much stock in what these TV “experts” ranked him early. As time went by they realized they rated him too low. Dude would have been taken by Cleveland if we passed.


    Trust the process

    Politically Correct Redskin

    It’s in our contract that we aren’t allowed to criticize Rivera until Christmas. Read the fine print.

    Escaped Away

    Yes, lets take a guy after 2 back surgeries, with a pinched nerve?!? They’re rarely fixed! Another tackle that will play guard, or add to our slot receiver group?!


Ok 2nd round needs to be the other Davis, Davis Mills!! Plus actively using the rest of draft to go after Aaron Rodgers in a trade!! #HTTWFT

    Saku Laku

    smhh no not davis mills


    How about Christian Baremore to throw a wrench in the draft

    Politically Correct Redskin

    Rodgers will ask for too much. The cap is dropping. No big names!

    Escaped Away

    Dude, Rogers has listed the teams he’ll go to, and WFT is not on the list! Besides, he seems selfish…


New name:Washington Warriors (The Movie Warriors) towards the end of movie the dude is in the car with his fingers in empty bottles, clanking them together while slowly chanting Warriors come out and play. Getting louder each time. Imagine that scene on Jumbotron while players come out of the tunnel!!


    Nah we need something unique and different

Steve W

This year’s draft has a lot of OT’s so picking Jamin Davis at 19 is because they believe he offers them a lot more value at 19 than taking an OT there. It’s the “take the best player at that draft position” approach. Conversely, I’m sure they have two or three OT’s targeted in round 2 or 3 etc. that they think offer an acceptable level of value for what they need on the O line. There are some fans who won’t agree with this approach but in Ron, Marty and Martin we trust.

    Escaped Away

    3 of the 5 top tackles are projected as guards by Chris Simms.

    Steve W

    @Escaped Away Hmmm…Jenkins perhaps as a Guard or a Tackle but Eichenberg and Carman as OT’s. It’s Rivera, Marty and Martin’s opinion I trust.

ILee Frazier

I want nick bolton 💯🙏

skip ranger

Washington Renagades


Take Jevon Holland and have his at free safety and Kellen Mond as the QB

    brian avila

    I’d rather WFT trade up and draft Moehrig

    You can still draft Mond or Mills at 82…

    Escaped Away

    @brian avila Monds at 81? He might not make it to 51..

Darion Allen


Mike Wilson

Washington reddogs

Mike Wilson

I like the pic. We haven’t had a great linebacker since fletcher.


Julie has made a smooth transition

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