Recapping Fall to Winless Jets | Cowboys Game Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Recapping Fall to Winless Jets | Cowboys Game Night

Nate Newton and Lindsay Draper recap the third straight loss for the Cowboys after falling to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

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Niko Iva Reply

Fire Garrett

    Ali Muhammad Reply

    Dak trash too

    CG_ Rodolfo14 Reply

    True fire Garrett

David Cantu Reply

Garrett has lost the team IMO….something going on behind the scenes. Former players are throwing hints and shade, pretty hard to play for someone you don’t respect or just can’t play for. I always supported Garrett and wanted him to prove everyone wrong as he raised our 6th Lombardi, but sadly, I don’t think he’s the guy…

alberto colunga Reply

It’s not just Garrett. It’s Jones as well. He paying players that are not worth the 90 mil and forgetting the ones that protect the QB and who makes those holes for that 90 mil person to run through them holes. The front line not getting paid. Ever since he got paid 90 mil three weeks ago everybody quit playing.

William Perryman Reply

Team has no heart. Too damn soft. All player that got paid, don’t deserve it. On paper we are a dangerous team. In real life, they’re soft, slow, and can/won’t make plays. Team sucks, firing Garrett won’t solve anything, our coaches get out coached, never make any adjustments. Just garbage all up and down the sidelines. None of these players deserve any big deals, including Zeke and Tank both overpaid and not worth it.

    The Punisher Reply

    Excellent comment.


Where DEMARCUS LAWRENCE this guys has done nothing i know jerry sorry he paid him and we also need to replace heath hes no safety you need certain type attitude and grit to play safety and he dont got it and where those rookies in pre season put those guys in.

one love Reply

The Cowboys have gone from the talk of the NFL to the laughing stock of the NFL in three weeks. Kellen no longer looks like a genius.

Louis Johnson Reply

Cowboys, a very talented team with no direction!

Louis Johnson Reply

the wide receivers dropped to many passes, they need to do better Jason!

GoodFellazDMV Reply

Everyone in the Dallas origination is singing the same song…”we did good things, they did good things, we didn’t score enough points. We will watch film and improve, next game”…Maybe!

Yong Wilson Reply

We as a team was lethargic from start! Our defense stopped them on the first drive, than our offense started out stale again with a lot of the same ole plays of old! I blame the team and especially the “head coach” he is NOT preparing the the team with any emotions! Question, how many first down runs did we have in the second half? Well I counted and we ran on first down 9 out of 11 first downs…looked a whole like Jason was calling the plays! Going for it on the fourth down…panic on JG’s part. That 92 yd touchdown really put our team on our heals and that seemed the coach was in shock and never recovered! Back ups played well, tackles struggled but they fought hard! This game was an example of miss opportunities, lack of energy, drives, n power was missing in our defense and offensive lines! We are behind the eight ball now! We better fix things now or fire the coach now!

LI Swipi Reply


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