Ready for Week 1 in Miami | Ravens Unscripted – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ready for Week 1 in Miami | Ravens Unscripted

Join Evan Washburn, Clifton Brown, Garrett Downing and Ryan Mink as they discuss the biggest storylines before the Ravens' season-opener against the Dolphins.

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Kyle Bower

My prediction: Dolphins get crushed

Darryl Smith

Dolphins getting blown out 45_3. Go Ravens


    They’re not scoring 💀💀

    Lion Thomas

    37-6 Birds

Eddie Business

The Ravens need to go B.I.G take the top off on the first!!! play with Hollywood brown like the old eagles used to do with Vick and DeSean Jackson to back the defense up for the run with Ingram and Hill . Game Plan

Last Name First Name

Don’t sleep on Fitzpatrick folks.. don’t let this be a trap game.

    Pee jones

    Last Name First Name that’s the fans not the team

    Last Name First Name

    @Pee jones I’m just saying don’t be surprised if this is not a blowout. I know our team is ready but for everyone thinking the Dolphins will give it up easy need think again.

    La’ Garv

    I would agree if he had receivers to throw to

    La’ Garv

    Last year he had weapons on the Bucs

    Roger Craig

    La’ Garv Lol just watch, remember the names Grant, Wilson, and Drake out the backfield, they will give y’all hell. Then Gesicki, Parker, Williams. Y’all think we’re the same old Dolphins, and we’re tanking. Better hope y’all rushing game is great, or our secondary is gonna expose Lamar’s passing flaws.


I’m so pumped 4 this yr

Brent Moretz

Ravens can’t afford a loss to dolphins unlike the past seasons Ravens have a tough schedule


We r stacked this yr
3 types of wrs
4 runners blocking
3 TEs
Stacked D

    David Daniels

    Night and day difference from last season, especially with Marty gone and LJ as the bona fide starter.

    Lion Thomas

    Eric Decosta


Top 5 off
1st run
15th pass

Cuz of clock management… #1D


Not only is this the best Raven team I ever saw…… It may be a historic season
We could b #1 off n D

    Cdai Jefe

    ILL XANE definitely go flock !


the comments about that guys khakis were uncalled for

    Goosa James


Frank Crocetti

First down lets hit Our tight ends or Justice Hill or Mark Ingram Passing ! Done Deal !🤫😉

Frank Crocetti

Agreed Mark Andrews is gonna be Lamar’s Safety Blanket ! I think my Favorite on Defense Mat Judon has a monstrous Year !

Ron Edward

What makes Thomas an upgrade from Weddle? Thomas can make an open field tackle!!!!!!

    Sloppy Jo

    Ron Edward he’s also fast as hell, tony Jefferson will be able to line up closer to the line of scrimmage with earl but earl will turn his hips at the snap and run 15-20 yards back making our hybrid defense harder to read

    David Daniels

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this lmao

    Michael Thompson

    Thomas also takes the middle of field away lol Weddle is well respected but two steps slower than Earl

CJ Dematatis

Garrett stays going over the time limit for the soap box. LMAO

Ravens Review

I’m so glad Unscripted is back! I legitimately anticipate these videos every week during the season!

Cameron Ward

I love these videos! Keep em coming!👍

Bodymore MDummy

When Lamar win us a Super Bowl I’m going rub it in the haters face so bad they going wanna kill me

    Josh Mo

    Hell yeah!

    Lion Thomas



At this point I’m not even sure the Raiders are going to keep AB for much longer

A1 Siccness209

Ravens could just have Patrick Ricard pass rush.

Phil Ouimette

Yo you guys used me on the Ravens Mailbag segment. I love this team!!!

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