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Chase Young coming to the Arizona Cardinals confirm

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Vortex Mav I’m sure he’d rather come her and play with Chandler Jones than the giants

    Francisco Suazo

    @Rafa Alvarez because he sucks

    Francisco Suazo

    Yo! SUGGS is going back to Baltimore and finish out his career. He plan this.

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Chase Young career is over before it ever got a chance to start if he goes to Cardinals. I feel bad for the guy

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @Francisco Suazo real raven fans don’t want suggs back. He is washed up and should just retire. That’s usually what people do when they leave a good team and go to a team like Cardinals.

Kevin R

Steve Keim gotta go next.

Winston Wood

Just another waste of money by Kiem

Thomas Silver

Come home Sizzle

    Timothy Ferguson

    Yeah Sizzle, I want you to win a ring before retiring! So come back to B_MORE!!!


Fire keim, fire Joseph. Cardinals roster is weak af. Also defensive schemes are laughable.

    Lucas Valles

    IrishMattH21 yes fire Joseph

Raymond Coleman

I absolutely MUST say this though, it’s gonna be a problem for the NFL for the next decade if the Arizona Cardinals have Kyler Murray at quarterback, he’s built like a punching bag, elusive as a knat with an arm like like Farve ( w/o the picks ); BUT they are in line to most likely get freaking CHASE YOUNG IN THE UPCOMING DRAFT?! Wow. Remember Jeavon Kearse in Tennessee before he got hurt? Nah… not many can. He came from Florida, SEC country, called HIM the freak. UNblockable. Chase Young is going to be a GREAT professional player, a “game- changing talent,” & the ONLY thing that will ever stop him is with injury or his refusal to lift weights. He’s that damn good
I despise the Ohio State Buckeyes too, but real recognizes ill. Chase Young is about that action. Madd love )


We must build around murray. This off season will negate where we go as a franchise. Go cardinals. We wish suggs the best.

Brad P

Let marsh finish the season, he shows heart, which is alot of what were missing.

T.M. Will

Who’s next, Larry Fitzgerald? Unless Suggs asked for it, you don’t disrespect a guy like that.

    Alexander Rose

    T.M. Will they’re letting him re-join the Ravens. This will all end up as it should, with Suggs retiring on top, the way Ray Lewis did

    T.M. Will

    @Alexander Rose Thanks for letting me know man. That really does sound awesome.

Francisco Suazo

SUGGS plan this out good. He played like crap to get released. So he can finish out his career in Baltimore and possibly another ring. Good thing he was signed for only 1 season.

Fred Castro

We have to draft young players for the d line look at what San Fran did and now they have a good defense.


Back to Baltimore to retire a Raven and win a ring but grant his wish why don’t you! #FireKeim!

Brad Willis

Watch the falcons pick him up

Dawson Mcguckin

We had 3 games left and you release him for what? You can just put a new rotation in not have him released you can have the future hof give advice on the sideline not release the guy who grew up at Arizona what are doing ? Throw to Fitz legend more often ! dam ,he’s the most reliable wide receiver in NFL history!

Ryan Murphy

I know he wasn’t producing but man I love Suggs. Was HYPE to get him and sad to see him go 😢

Eric P

P2 and Johnson next

Andre Mckinney

No big deal it’s how the nfl works. He gets released after playing in 12 13 games and the team mentions him not being able to practice. We want to go younger they say. The dallas cowboys brought a old slow tight end back from retirement that never sniffed what playing on a championship team felt like. Yep jason whitten was payed a couple million to take a roster spot on a team going nowhere and prevent the development of a younger player that could be a key to a championship team. cowboys and cardinals 2 organizations doing things differently but both have no clue. Both teams are trash in real life but if your great at video games you can win a Superbowl with them on Madden. Lmao

sodak 2276

If he wanted it fine other wise keim has got to go!

Citizens Capital

@ Hassan Reddick, been watching and is awful. Definitely not first round draft material. Even nfl 3rd or 4th round guys look better. He is not very athletic, does not cover very well and misses a lot of tackles. Is not a strong tackler at the point of attack. At the NFL level, at the linebacker position, no matter playing inside or outside, you must be a strong tackler at the point of attack. ALL of Cardinals linebackers are weak point of attack players. This is a major reason why their defense is so porous, along with equally porous D line & secondary play and very, very, very, poor tackling by ALL, especially the linebackers.

Hicks is very active, but is out of position far too often on both run and pass plays. Plays out of control and over runs plays far too often and not great in pass coverage. He has the potential to be better, but he must play better and be more consistent & disciplined. + give Hicks 2 other linebackers who can play!

Your linebackers can not be poor tacklers.

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