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Get Nick Perry


bring back willie


    That was the first thought in my head. Willie showed more than Tim in the last 2 seasons!


I’m a ravens fan and agaisnt the browns that was a hard loss but we will do better next week hopefully GO RAVENS

    Arnold McCoy

    I had a lot of hope in Tim William & Mr When we first picked up in Draft. But it was not to be , but I absolutely hated what I saw on Sunday against Brownies! iT’S yrs since our Defense looked that bad ! NOW I’m a long distance RAVENS fan since I had to move to NC ,the Same yr RAVENS showed up in BALTIMORE and Had to Spend Big $$$ on The NFL Sunday Ticket to see My RAVENS ! Last yrs Changes R Start to Showing up Big time PLEASE Y’ALL DO SOMETHING

king shark

Hey, tough times and decisions ahead, just one of maybe a few more dominoes to fall.

Good luck tim, hope you find pay dirt elsewhere.

Josh Price

call up elvis dumerville lmao

    Blade Brown, Blocked By URL

    😂😂😂😂😂. That muthafucka is penalty prone. Ain’t winning NO games with him on the field.

    Josh Price

    Blade Brown, Blocked By URL 😂😂😂


Released Tim?? everybody was fine it just that y’all need to work the defense more and not blitzing all the time This is not a hate Comment is that study the Playbook more and please don’t go for the 2 LoL I’m counting on y’all Any given Sunday, and we’re going to get out of that 2-2 Record no time #RavensNation #ImaBoutMyRavens

    Neikiale Ransom

    He Don’t get any sacks

Your Daily Milk

Good luck to Tim, just didn’t work out here, somebody will probably pick him up.

Nesly Merat

I been saying get him outta here. let that be a warning.

A_Train W

I’m starting to think players are not wanting to play to their fullest until it’s a contract year Z Smith did it last year Krug and Mcphee as well

Troy Mathis

I called this a couple weeks ago. I knew if the D didn’t improve then TW would get cut to make a statement. Problem is, there is no one else to step up as a situational edge


Tim who?


Can we give shane ray another shot

El - Amin

Sad;Tim was a relentless rusher at Alabama.

Isaac Ramirez

We need Jay Fergy to get his balls outta his stomach and ball out this season!! Less goooooo

Big Tasty

I say start all over from scratch.


bring back Willie henry

Akash Sidhu

I miss Suggs..

Spencer Dye

He’ll probably end up an all pro for New England



Tristan Courson

Get Ramsey and free up some guys for easy blitzes DBs Thomas, Humphrey, Ramsey,Smith, Carr, looks pretty fire to me Williams gotta show up tho

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