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David O

I don’t think Shanahan is going to use him like the Panthers did. This is going to be exciting seeing him and Dbo on the field at the same time.

    oozie nein millimeeda

    it’s tough to say. CMAC does everything at the highest level for his position

    Hai Boai

    Last fight

    Michael Moore

    @oozie nein millimeeda yeah but the niners run out singleback more than anyone , you’re not gonna see cmc at WR or in the slot like in Carolina, and the niners throw to fullbacks out the backfield more than they do to running backs which means cmc ain gon be seeing 10+ targets like he usually does , he is the offense in Carolina , in San Fran all he has to do is be half the player he is , they’re not gonna ask him to carry the ball 20+ times then get 10+ targets as well


    @Michael Moore they gave up a lot to get him. You best believe they are gonna use him a lot when he gets that playbook down

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Donnie D

They keep mentioning his father Ed when he was with the Denver Broncos, probably because those were his best years, but they never mention that Ed actually played for the Niners, in fact he won his first Super Bowl with the Niners back in 1994.

    Joshua Gene Cobb

    Yes, that was a big mistake letting Ed McCaffrey leave after that ’94 season.

    Herschel Squirts

    @mr who cares That’s a great name!! but I’m sure you don’t care 😂

    Hai Boai

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    mr who cares

    @Edward R. Emerick 😭😭😭 u want a hug


Since he’s not carrying a whole team on his back he might stay healthy!

    Hunter Axtell

    I don’t think people realize CMC played a WAY higher percentage of snaps than any other RB. The guy would literally not leave the field on offense some games.

    The Bow Tie Chaplain

    I hope…I don’t really trust Kyle keeping our guys healthy

    Scruff D0g

    He doesn’t have to, deebo, kittle, the defense will handle it.

    Shark City

    @B.E.R.N Network what does that mean according to u?


    @B.E.R.N Network any rb would be injury prone if they’re force fed 💀 🤦‍♂️

Roland xB

Remember when everyone was hyped like this when Julio Jones was traded to the Titans? Four pics AND a big contract, this smells like desperation. The odds of him staying healthy into the playoffs/SB are just too low. They spent a lot of capital on Trey Lance, but now they suddenly go into ‘win now’ mode. Kyle Shanahan can’t afford another mediocre season, that’s the real reason for this. Not sound strategy.

    JD Trent

    McCaffrey is WAY younger than Julio.

    real king

    Well right now they are the best in the west with a great chance to win it all seems very sound to me

    Victor Sandoval

    I don’t think it’s desperate I think it’s understanding that the Niners have a serious problem with injuries and need to secure depth. I don’t expect CMC to come in and be Jesus in cleats at all. But can still be a solid threat and option for Jimmy to check down to. He plays like Debo does, just put the ball in his hands and let him do the rest.

Derrick Lavender

My heart hurts but happy for him.

    Joel Nevarez

    Hopefully kyle take care of him like his babysitting days

    real king

    Ya f’d up


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    Hai Boai

    Last fight

Kim Chi

CMC kept getting hurt because he was being used WAY too much.

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    B M

    and what exactly do you think Shannahan does to his RBs? There’s a reason why he goes through so many RBs every year

    Kim Chi

    @B M They have been hardly running the ball this season.

Axle Hawk

Deebo and McCaffery in the backfield at the same time would be deadly


    Cmc and Mitchell not deebo

    Dan Lyons

    @Flave The original west coast offense was all about timing routes. A lot of short slants that ended up gashing defenses with YAC.
    As you said. Being able to control the clock and keep the ball away. Play field position and allow your defense to play aggressive is the key to a successful game plan.
    Unfortunately if the QB is putting up less than 300 yards a game. Throwing the ball less than 25 times. ONLY averaging one TD pass a game. They’re going to be labeled a game manager.

    People who don’t understand football talk the loudest.

    Byron Smith

    @Dan Lyons He threw a couple of deep balls that were dropped and one was called back for a weak holding penalty.

    Byron Smith

    @Mel R YES, lol.

    Byron Smith

    @Dan Lyons Exactly. Kyle is the problem there. You have to keep the defense honest. Jimmy literally attempted 6 passes over 15 yards last game, and they were trailing by 14 for pretty much the entire game (at least the entire second half). What is really sad is that Jimmy only missed on 2 of those throws. The others were dropped or called back. That is a 67% clip at downfield 15+ yard throws. That is pretty darn good. But ONLY 6 all game. Sheesh.

Andrew Curtis

He’s still only 26, a great deal for the 49ers. I wonder if they’ll use him more like the Rams use Kupp.

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Mitchell was basically a 1000 yard back and he did it even thou he missed 6-7 games too

James Tajiri

Christian has so much talent. I hope 49rs use it better.


One more connection: Ed McCaffrey played on the 49ers in 1994 when they won their last Super Bowl.

Thomas Block

49ers looking at the landscape, thinking only the Eagles look like a team we may not be able to beat. They can beat any team in the NFC now with Mccaffery. Big play hitters and a good defense is how you squeak out Super Bowl wins against teams that are better than you. Aggressive move. Hope he stays healthy. Good luck to the 49ers.


    Eagles will fall eventually

    Thomas Block

    @BL maybe, but they are more well rounded than any other team in the NFC. There are several teams that will be good by the end of the year but they will come out of a group. Just a couple of teams will get hot or healthy or both. Bucs, Dallas, Saints or Packers perhaps. Rams, maybe. Giants not as much but maybe. If I gad to pick one team to be in NFC championship game for money it would be Eagles. Or the Lions. (Not the Lions, that’d be stupid)

    Mike Garcia

    @BL we will see hater


    @Mike Garcia you guys are really good, but will not make the Superbowl.

Lee Adams

Everyone forgets his dad played with the 49ers before he went to Denver.

    Bradley Brown

    no. we didn’t 🙄


The best defense is a good offense. A good offense keeps the opposing offense on the sidelines. Improving the rushing offense helps win the Time of Possession. If Mahomes is on the sidelines, he can’t hurt you. So the McCaffrey addition is a big plus for the offense. Also CMC knows how to pass the ball like a QB, so he can sub for Jimmy G and run RPO plays like Mahomes.

Zack Overcash

As a Panthers fan, I almost cried when I heard this. I love Christian and always will. I hate to see him leave but he deserves this. Somewhere he can get a ring. Go get it CMC💓🏈💓

    shawn bopko

    He was a beast one hl of a runner he kind of looks like crutis Martin and.lament Jordan back in the day mow what next?

    curtis rodriguez

    @shawn bopko As a Niners fan, this news made me ecstatic. But my second thought was if I were a Panthers fan, I would be gathering up the villagers with their pitchforks and torches because the Panthers just traded their best player.

    shawn bopko

    @curtis rodriguez
    I think the Panthers we’re good when they got cam newton in 15 16 17 18 19

    Dick Fitswell

    If you love him so much why don’t you marry him

    George the Bug eater

    @Mobile with Andriod okay but they were in the NFC championship just last year goofy.

Herschel Squirts

As a niners fan I’m just hearing about this. I’m happy!!

Alex C

Exciting that the RBs with prior big injuries (Barkley, Chubb, CmC) are all running hard and putting up good numbers this year

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RK Belmont

I always give the win to the team who gets the proven player, exceptions are the Jamal Adams and the Russ Wilson trades. Draft picks are just lottery tickets which can be easily boom or bust, so we must reevaluate the trade for the Panthers after they use that draft capital. For the 49ers, they always find great talent in day 3 of the draft anyways, Hufanga being the latest one. And thanks to that minority rule they still have 2 comp third rounders in 2023 because of McDaniels. Probably will get more when Demeco Ryans gets poached. Perhaps more if Jimmy G signs elsewhere next year. It is a good move for both sides, because the Panthers will retool and the 49ers will boost their struggling offense and compete.

David Caunter

As his fantasy owner, I approve this trade…now if I can just get Terry McLaurin traded to a team with an actual QB. 😅

Lucas S

Looking at the positives, it could work out really great for all involved.

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