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yoboiryan 25

Hopefully next year is better than this year

Brayden Gonseth

First. Giants/ Dave gentleman I am a huge fan and I’m a good football player I know you have Kevin zeitler at Right Guard but if you need a backup I’m right here I can also play Defensive End.

    Meme Miester

    Brayden Gonseth I hope your football career goes well but I doubt gettleman is looking through the YT channel comments for players…

steph sn

my teammm

Meme Miester

You missed the TD pass to saquon at the redskins

    Mike Green

    And to cody latimer against the Deadskins too

    Daniel Jones is 2 Tough

    I was waiting for that one

Michele Monae

Wishing they were in the playoffs. But next season will definitely be better.

Sean DiBona

5th coment ninth like

Savage Soren123

Giants fans be excited

Noah Cahill Sports Talk

A weird thing why does jones never play good at home πŸ˜‚

    Nash Scheber

    I’ve noticed that too . He did extremely well on the road 18/3 . At home he is 6/9

    Gino Schiano

    Big facts

Shamar Babb

I Like Slayton

    yoboiryan 25

    Same, he’s gonna be something big

NYGEEZ State of Mind

GMEN have talent and the fight in them…Just need the right coaches to succeed and some positions to fill

    Samantha K


isaac thealien

i dont wanna relive this digraceful team

Israel Garcia

Not a long video I presume

LA 99

Ok this won’t be a long video..

Isaac Kwasniewski

Missed the TD pass to Saquon and the one to Latimer against the Redskins


We have a solid team just need winning coaches. It seems they’re not on the same page. Let’s go G-MEN at this rate we fans might as well apply for the coaching position(s) you think? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Big Blue Squad

*Jones won’t be there when we are on the clock but I sure hope he drops*
-Bill Belichick to Coach Cut. Come home Bill Belichick.

Connor Burke

A lot of good things to look forward to just need it all to fall into place

Delvin Russell

Is it me or does any other giants fan think we have something in kayden smith he can block he runs routes well and he can catch with good speed

Cory Bernstein

Love the Jones TD run against Tampa the go ahead score

Cory Bernstein

Next year I hope we win the NFC least

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