Ravens vs. Redskins Preseason Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS

Mcsorley was low key a steal for the ravens


    Michael Adams Have you seen his preseason week 3 performance???😂

    Big Boyo

    They are gonna keep him and RG3 with Lamar as starter

    King Ape

    Justice Hill will be the steal.

    Jamiqus Smith

    Yes he looks good 2

    Jamiqus Smith

    @King Ape yea dat boy nice

Trill Ville 504

Battle of the beltway!


    Get a life

    Optical v

    BK MONEYSTACKS that was actually so uncalled for, the only one who should get a life is you for saying something like that, did he offend you or target you? No!

Winston Lewis

ravens the kings of preseason. but i would trade all thosse preseason wins for a superbowl in a heart beat


    we’re now 17-0 over last 17 games…so i hope we play giants or patriots in week 2 next year

    Winston Lewis

    Jordan Davis we have zero playoff wins since we went on this preseason streak

    MLP Shawn

    @Jordan Davis “we win superbowlS”
    *Last superbowl win 7 years ago* lol
    Ravens need to do something with Lamar tho

    Jamiqus Smith

    Ikr we always be winning in the preseason


Jaleel Scott earned his roster spot today.

    JoeybossSports Dude

    He better make the roster!


Haskins looked nice today. The fans are gonna be calling for him to play soon.

    DMVlive23 *

    Derrick Brown u a hater it’s sad lol

    that's right

    @Derrick Brown it’s hard to tell. Jameis Winston played really well his first couple years and then his game just went South from there. With young QBs, they can fizzle out if not in the right situation and Washington is a screwed up organization.


    @Derrick Brown you cant determine if a player is a bust during 1 pre season game


    @Derrick Brown cowboy fan


    Game is not too fast for Dwayne. Ceiling is sky high for this guy.

Andrew Schuler

Trace mcsorely looks good.

Ravens SuperBowl 53 Champions

Preseason streak still alive

    David White

    JDG hTTR fo life

    TopWaver MLK

    Michael Barry who tf brags about winning anything but the super bowl

    Michael Barry

    TopWaver MLK stfu and stop hating


    David White yessir httr


Ravens need to own the browns

    Matt C

    Not enough to steal one of the most storied franchises in the NFL?


    Matt C if browns beat my rams week 3 at the pound then i will show them respect till then browns will be browns…..
    Ravens made playoffs last year so i know they will be even better this year….

    Rusty Shackelford

    @Matt C … Jesus Christ man, let it go already.
    NFL teams move all of the time.
    The city didn’t STEAL the team, Art Modell (RIP) moved his team out of the “Mistake by the Lake” because he was losing a ton of money.

    You should just shut up about things you know nothing about.


    @Rusty Shackelford facts!!! It’s funny how us Baltimore fans don’t cry about the Colts leaving anymore, but people still cry about the Browns leaving Cleveland

    Rusty Shackelford

    @Est.1982 … Yeah, the Clown’s fans were without a franchise for 3 whole seasons, boo hoo!
    The city of Baltimore had to wait 12 seasons and without Art Modell defying then NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue (Tagliabue bypassed B-More several times for expansion teams and gave Jacksonville and Charlotte teams first) Baltimore might not have a team to this day.
    The Clown’s got to keep the team name, colors (as bad as they are) and records.
    All of that went to Indianapolis when the slimey Irsay’s moved the team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.
    I was a kid living in Reisterstown at the time and was devastated.

    The Clown’s fans are some of the most vile and abusive people you could ever meet.
    I’ve been to several games at the “Factory of Sadness” in Cleveland.
    No matter who the Clowns are losing to, the local fans abuse visiting fans at almost felony levels.

    They deserve their misery.
    I can’t wait until all of the hype evaporates by the fourth week of the season.

Leo Jones

Jaleel looking goooood


Haskin has this nice flick of the wrist.


    yes he does

Scared Heretic

I appreciate 66 not stopping on that last touchdown. You don’t stop till you hear a whistle baby.

Cashboy Quan

Jaleel Scott made the roster him and Boykin are going to be hell

    bob johnson

    Yes but Chris Moore is the one I expect to have a breakout season. I think we will be very deep at the WR position with Hollywood and Snead as well.

    Cashboy Quan

    @bob johnson Already brudda Chris Moore a beast too



ThatBoy Tyler

Haskins looked 🔥

Man Davis

Stop disrespecting my #Ravens like this our vids are too short. So what if we blew them out we deserve longer vids too.

    Bryan Lutz

    Blew them out like what it was 13-7 till 2 minutes left in the game lol. It just wasn’t a very interesting game, its a highlight video not every play on offense and defense video.

    Myriad of trouble

    That’s not a blowout 🤡


    Bryan Lutz I’m guessing you’re a redskins fan cuz you’re clearly over-compensating😂😂 you knew what he meant but you had to be salty

Jonathan Muldrow

Ravens will repeat as AFC North champs. You heard it here first. Reporting live.

    Jonathan Muldrow

    @__________ what trolling? More like a tool who says the same things and needs new material.

    Jonathan Muldrow

    @Miguel Castillo Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!Stoopid!
    Now repeat after me and say huh at the end.

    Miguel Castillo

    @Jonathan Muldrow Oh so your a tool huh? And needs some new material to be a better tool huh?

    Miguel Castillo

    @Jonathan Muldrow Oh your stupid huh?

    Jonathan Muldrow

    @Miguel Castillo Thank you for obeying your master. Now reply and put huh on the end. Good boy. Good Fuckboy!

_ Hans _

They need a preseason trophy for the Ravens lmao


    alot of starving dudes in baltimore ?

    TopWaver MLK

    bbqpat1 😂😂😂 this clown said preseason trophy

Yousef Osmani

McShowtime looked good again! Reminds me of drew brees a bit

Fred Pollay

Dixon has been a frustrating dude, but there is still some skills with him. I hope they hang onto him for RB depth since the are going to run the ball 50 times a game. If thst doesnt happen, he would be a decent backup for some teams out there and i hope the Ravens get something for him rather than just cut him loose.

00 CD

I can’t wait to face the Browns, I really hope we 2-0 them.

    mawb town

    Me too but I know they goin b beastin this year

    Michael Barry

    It will be 1-1 again hopefully 2-0

Ibraheem Rao

Remember when SAS thought Haskins was more of a runner.

    Nengeh Tardzer

    SAS is a 🤡

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