Ravens vs. Dolphins Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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K S Reply

Lamar’s haters: Ight Imma head out

    Boogie Cousins Reply

    They still got excuses

    Destiny Kane Reply

    Right lmfaooo

    StarSwiss Reply

    I’m not a Lamar hater or lover, I don’t really care about him, but I’m just wondering if this is gonna turn out to be the Ravens actually being pretty good, or if the dolphins are just that bad.

    Blue Skeptic Reply

    This was against Miami, bro. A team with no defense to speak of. My 90 year old grandpa could throw for 300 yards against this team while blindfolded.

    StarSwiss Reply

    @Blue Skeptic the gym teachers grandpa ^

Chad Binger Reply

Haters : Lamar is a running back and can’t throw

Lamar : Hold my 5 TD passes

I would just like to thank our new GM, Eric DeCosta for an amazing offseason.

    dapointful Reply

    Exactly lol

    Jacob Couvutsakis Reply

    remember last year when the ravens beat the preseason 32nd ranked bills 48-3 and everyone thought that joe flacco and the ravens were back? pepperidge farm remembers.

    dapointful Reply

    @Jacob Couvutsakis lol then the Ravens made it to the first round of the playoffs facts lol


Florida got hit by Hurricane Lamar πŸ˜‚

    williamnot116 Reply


    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply


    Fear Sandwhich Reply

    B. Fortune yes I agree just gonna ignore what sandy said lol cuz nobody said anything about the dolphins not losing πŸ™‚

    Fear Sandwhich Reply

    B. Fortune cuz I mean he did say Florida not Miami

    Michael Barry Reply

    Fear Sandwhich they beat the buccaneers last year

Jeremy Byrd Reply

Miami stadium is going to have to start CGI the fans in .

    Legendary Duke Reply

    @Jeremy Byrd i use 2 live in orlando . In pine hills

    Aaron Clover Reply

    Margarito Aguirre computer graphics imagery

    Dylan Houston Reply

    They are waiting for Tua or Herbert

    Peter Ineleo Reply

    From Miami Miracle to Massacre in Miami

Jermaine Williams Reply

He was playing for his Madden ratings “76 what?!?!!” I need 99 across the board and a x-factor ability

    Jabo Williams Reply

    Fax lol

    PipeGuy64Bit Reply

    I forgot does EA update the teams as the season progresses?

    Bradley Johnson Reply

    PipeGuy64Bit I think they do updates every week, but it’s EA so it’s not like it’s good

    Tony Coffield Reply

    Bruh same. Been so tempted to buy it to play with this squad after updates but EA is just trash

Adhy Nugroho Reply

When the Ravens scored 42 points I thought the video was about to end.

The first half wasn’t even over yet.

    logan conn Reply

    Same lol

    logan conn Reply

    @Aaron y not when u play one of the worst teams in the league try some stuff out

    America Reigns Reply

    @Redman Gaming lol! Brady will likely throw 8-10 TD passes.

    Aaron Reply

    @logan conn Classless Karma is a bytch Harbaugh and the Ravens will get theirs eventually watch and see.

Frankie Vegas Reply

It was cool seeing RG3 throw a td. Happy for him

    logan conn Reply

    @shas wards Lamar has always been good at passing it was just how he started last year as someone that has watched him at Louisville for years believe me

    Juan Garibay Reply

    @etchasketch64 You’re right but sorry I didn’t mean gay as in that I meant it like lame or corny.

    John Herrera Reply

    Lmfao they really put in the back up

    John Herrera Reply

    @Renaldy Calixte pretty easy to do when youre5 warming the bench

Javier Reply

D-Wade retires
Miami Marlins
Miami Dolphins
Miami sport fans on suicide watch

    Chris R Reply

    Javier yeah man we are terrible at everything. Maybe except the Heat since they are the only front office that has proven results. It sucks because no matter what I will always support my fins.

    Todd Williams Reply

    @Simarbir Gill at least Detroit fans had the Red Wings for a while.

    Guy Man Reply

    @Javier D-Wade is going to return he announced it months ago

    Christopher Sardinha Reply

    The Cats are gonna be good this year. Watch out!

6YP SY Reply

Steelers lost.βœ”

Bengals lost.βœ”

Browns lost.βœ”

Baltimore leads the AFC North once again.βœ”

    Blake Meeuwsen Reply

    Because they played the dolphins, couldn’t have had a easier first game.

    Shawn B Reply

    Cmon now.

    Khyro Parris Reply

    The ravens don’t look that good. The dolphins made a lot of mistakes on their side. Y’all will get get tested against the chiefs because y’all play the cardinals next and they don’t look like a good team

DarthUchiha17 Reply

Hasn’t Florida been through enough this year?

    Maria Flores Reply


    Tone True Reply

    fakedemocracy just wait we have 3 more major storms coming

    RJ JR1604 Reply

    Xxxtentacion died(2018)
    Lil pump fell off
    Kodak is in jail
    YNW Melly is in jail

    America Reigns Reply


cr1msontide Reply

I’m not sure who would win a foot race, queen elizabeth, a table lamp, or the dolphins secondary

    Malk 1 Reply

    Close one between the queen and a table lamp

    58Rev Reply

    Dolphin’s defense are looking to sign that Tiny Tim kid from “A Christmas Story”. They heard he has one good leg and can supply his own crutch.

    Lewis 970 Reply

    @58Rev They’ll end up trading Tiny Tim for a 5th round draft pick and Steven Hawking.

thepoppabear Reply

BREAKING NEWS: Category 5 Ravens team ravages Miami leaving nothing but destruction in its wake

    Redman Gaming Reply


    matrixphijr Reply

    Redman Gaming What’s that have to do with Canada? Leave them out of this.

    Trouble EST. 1993 Reply

    Lmao. Felt like the news reporter was in my head while i read that

    Harry Johnson Reply

    It’s gonna be 2007 all over again

zurkturk Reply

And with the 1# pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins select…….

    xSosko Reply

    zurkturk the entire draft

MegaGolgo13 Reply

Rg3 looked good at the end. Like he can retire a Raven and finish his career with some dignity and the ability to still walk.

    Young Keazy Reply

    MegaGolgo13 rg3 is stamped in DC. His 2012 season was crazy I’ll never forget it

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    Funny how RGIII never left Maryland.

Manasse Moreau Reply

I had no idea RG3 was still in the NFL love that guy

    Shawn B Reply

    He qas there last year.

    American Nationalist Reply

    @Leo Dancor it’s a hugggeee deal actually

    M Realzola Reply

    You’re not a true NFL fan. Any real fan would know that

    Leo Dancor Reply

    @Pr0dA-G/AtΓ΄ne Don’t let it ruin your day man


To start the 2020 Draft, Miami you are officially on the clock.πŸ’€πŸ˜‚

    Wise Wolf Tony Reply

    @Josh Ruiz I think I would rather want Tua as he’s very mobile not the best runner you will ever see but he’s great at dancing around the pocket. And with the way or O-line has been for the last few years kind of need someone like that. Plus the kid has a cannon and is very accurate. I have no idea which one will be better just think its better to get Tua now. That way in 2020 you can actually work on improving the team you can use some of the 100mil in cap space to sign some talent. Use all the draft picks to get better. That way if your starting Tua in 2020 you have at least a decent team around him. And then in 2021 you can really try and start competing with have a bunch of picks for that season as well and using the rest of the cap space to fill the spots. Really this team just needs to work on the O-line getting pass rushers and another LB. If they fill those voids and Tua is actually a franchise QB then the team should be competitive and by that time Brady will be gone the Patriots won’t be ruling the AFC East so they will have a much better chance to be a playoff team.

    Widow Maker Reply

    Thats definitely their silver lining right now

    Adam Moreira Reply

    At least we KNOW the Dolphins are tanking.

Paulo Alexandre Reply

the Dolphins being run down by two kids from Miami lol

    appache mathews Reply

    Paulo Alexandre he from Hollywood

    M Realzola Reply

    @appache mathewsclose enough

    Paulo Alexandre Reply

    @appache mathews yeah, Hollywood, FL, that’s in Miami Metro

America Reigns Reply

Folks this was a much closer game than the score indicates. Miami was in it until the opening kick off! A real nail-biter.

    Alpha Jalloh Reply


    JESUS Christ Reply


    Phil Phillips Reply

    You have no idea how hard you made me laugh with that one!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Peter Ineleo Reply

    The funniest part was I knew the score, then watched the full game, and when Ravens received the opening kickoff and some dolphins came and tackled the kick returner, they were celebrating,but little did they know…

Tim Pools Hat Reply

Good to see Michael Vick back in the NFL, why is he right-handed now?

    Phil Phillips Reply

    He reincarnated ambidextrous.

Handsome Duck Reply

Miami got beaten so bad that players are requesting trades πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The Realest_op Reply

    I saw dat on ig πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Phil Phillips Reply

    Who wants a trade for these losers? NCAA football?

    America Reigns Reply

    Players? More like “posers”

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